Do you know what goes on in the print buyer’s mind?

Do you know what their agendas are?  Do you know their points of view?

The most difficult thing at the moment is actually making contact with people.  Some believe that it is the hardest it has ever been to make contact with people.

Some salespeople think that they’ve got all the answers

Print salespeople face an uphill struggle to achieve their revenue targets

Are your print salespeople facing an uphill struggle to achieve their revenue targets?

But, let’s face it, they don’t have all the answers because they’ve got baggage of years in the industry.

Maybe they’ve got a degree of success.  But could they have a degree of better success if things were approached through a different set of eyes?

You’re very keen not to just be a person or a company that doesn’t add any value

If you can understand what the challenges are from the other side of the fence it can help you.  You can put a better offer together and be more mature in your approach as well.

You don’t just want to be one of the many businesses out there that do the sales cycle, quote, hope and see where they go.

Imagine that you’re driving somewhere

And imagine that you take a route that is slightly wrong.  You end up somewhere else from where you want to be.  You need to have the right help to make sure you take the right route to where you want to go.

If the message you are approaching people with is slightly off-piste you need to make sure you’re on piste.  You need to make sure that you’re talking to the right people to achieve this. Then if you need to realign how you approach people or the market, well that’s what you can do.  Procurement is one of your biggest challenges.  So if there’s a procurement specialist you’d be a fool not to listen and not to engage.

And that’s where Profitable Print Relationships comes in

Profitable Print Relationships logo

________________________________________ Profitable Print Relationships gives practical advice and training to printers and print management companies

Profitable Print Relationships is all about giving you the buyer’s point of view.  So you can engage with buyers more effectively.

Profitable Print Relationships isn’t just about sales.

We cover the whole customer relationship.  Many companies tell you how to get the sale.  But they don’t help with how to turn that sale into a long-lasting, profitable relationship.  We help you with managing your customers for the long term.  We help you with meeting your customer’s expectations.  And making sure that they meet your expectations.  We help you make sure that your customers don’t move to another printer just because they’ve quoted a cheaper price.

Imagine feeling like you’d got a pipeline of opportunity that you’d be very happy and confident about.  That’s what Profitable Print Relationships is all about.

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Matthew Parker Print and Procurement print consultant and printing industry trainer

Matthew Parker

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