What’s the right route for you to improve your print sales results?

Profitable Print Relationships offers a number of training resources to help you improve your print sales results. All of them are created and written by myself. Remember, I have had a long career purchasing printing services. So all these resources are unique in being created by someone who understands exactly how your prospects and clients think.

Which of these training resources is right for you?

“How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price”

How to stop print buyers choosing on price

Most people start off with this book. In it you learn some of the tactics that sales people practice that actually encourage their prospects to buy solely on price. You also learn a simple, three-step system to creating a sales message that engages customers in a new way. It halts the relentless focus on price. Find out more here.

It’s vital to have a sales message that makes buyers want to choose you, even if you are not the cheapest supplier. But how do you then use this message effectively?


“How To Sell Print Using Social Media”

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Every day many of your competitors are making profitable sales with new clients. They meet these clients as a result of being active on social media, and especially LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms have developed into a powerful form of marketing and essential sales channels. But many people have never been shown the right route to achieving the right results from social media.

How To Sell Print Using Social Media” teaches you a four-stage system to finding and engaging warm prospects. These are people who are interested in your service and will be happy to talk to you when you contact them. Find out more here.

“How To Improve Your Print Sales: The 1% Change Plan”

Invest now!

Many people are struggling to achieve the sales results that they need. So what can you do to start making life easier?

Imagine making a small change every week that improves your sales results. If you do this for 12 weeks the total improvement is well worth making. When you purchase this programme, you receive a weekly pdf action sheet. Every action sheet contains a set of step-by-step instructions on how to implement a new sales tactic quickly. This is a practical route to making a big difference to your sales results. Find out more here.

Finally, here’s a resource to help you when buyers start negotiating on price.

“How To Print More Profitable: The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook”

Case studies and action points

What do you do when buyers say they want to work with you, but only if you lower your price? In this pdf-book I reveal the tactics that I used as a buyer when I wanted a lower price. You learn how to defend yourself against these tactics and how to use these tactics yourself. The strategies you learn can make a big difference to your profit margin. Find out more here.

If you are still unsure about which product is right for you, or if you have any questions, please be sure to contact us.

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Matthew Parker

I was really impressed by your social media strategy
Without your information, I would have never understood the power of LinkedIn and social media in general.

Jari Kunnas, Xerox Productions Systems Group



"I was able to increase touch-backs from prospects, as well as engagement with active clients"

As a result of the One Percent Change Plan I was able to increase touch-backs from prospects, as well as engagement with active clients

What I like most about this programme is the fact that each tip can be easily adopted and integrated into my weekly prospecting discipline.

It can be adapted to existing clients. It can also become a company-wide sales program, enhanced by targeted mailing and email marketing.

I would recommend this to both "rookie" reps needing to build their book of business, as well as established reps who wish to ensure a sales pipeline.

John Prothero, Precision Services Group

It will make a difference to the way your company sells! "How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price" covers a subject that is key to every print sales person and manager. It is very easy to read and makes sense and will make a difference to the way your company sells! Sam Neal – Managing Director, Geoff Neal Litho