How any printer can get a 32% response rate for a client (case study)

Posted by Matthew Parker

Wouldn’t you love to produce a campaign for clients that produced a 32% response rate?

That’s why I think you should look at this case study in detail.  I am indebted to Paul Gardner for making me aware of this example.  In the campaign, a Porsche was photographed in front of the homes of target prospects.  The photos were then used to create individual mailers.  People received a photo of a Porsche in front of their house.

The response rate was excellent:  according to the agency, nearly a third of recipients logged into a website from where they could book a test drive.

It’s an example of a campaign that nearly all printers could manage for a client

Creative printers can create excellent marketing response rates for tehir clients

Creative printers can create excellent marketing response rates for tehir clients

Printers who use print in this way will create a deeper relationship with their customers.  They will be involved in campaign planning and execution – not just print.  They will achieve far more for their customers.

Printers who continue to focus on just putting ink on paper will struggle to create the same type of relationship with their customers.  They will be viewed as commodity suppliers.  They won’t be seen as achieving results for their customers.

Here are three reasons why this particular case study works so effectively for print companies.

It’s a different use of print

Everyone is used to printed brochures, direct mail, flyers, catalogues and point of sale material.  It’s difficult to create an interesting sell around these products without value added services.

This campaign uses print in a different way.  Customers can see that print can still open up new and innovative ways to engage with their target audience.  It forces them to think about how they communicate, not about ink on paper.

Better still, it’s not a technical printing discussion.

It’s easy to explain

Anyone can get this campaign.  It doesn’t rely on a detailed discussion about data or analytics.  It doesn’t require customers to understand how different communication channels can come together.

The beauty of this campaign lies in its simplicity.  I was able to explain it at a Chinese audience in less than five minutes.  It appealed to the audience there because it was as simple to manage as it was to explain.

It’s easy to implement

Any printer with a digital camera, a digital press and access to a mailing service can produce this campaign.  (The actual case study used printing from a van.  However, on the spot printing capability is not necessary to produce a campaign very similar to this).  There is no need for expensive specialist software or workflows.  There is no deep understanding of data needed.

It’s a simple job to produce.

But there are very few opportunities like this

A good print company will come up with ideas like this for their clients.  We are only limited by our creative thought.

This particular example applied to the luxury car market.  But the methodology could be applied to many similar products.  But printers just need to get on and create great campaigns like this one.

So here are three action points to get you on the way to a great campaign

  1. Pick a client that you are close to.  One that is open to new ideas.
  2. Arrange a meeting with them and brainstorm some campaign ideas.
  3. Remember to use this first campaign as a case study.

A little creative thinking can go a long way

Would you like to be able to show your clients how they could get a 32% response rate?
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2 Responses to How any printer can get a 32% response rate for a client (case study)

  • Dave Hutton says:

    Some excellent advice provided here. I like the idea of adding content marketing to the sales mix but lack the time to properly develop the content. Are there any print industry related sources out there to assist with this part of the equation. Our company is firstly a designer of product for clients then we broker the finished product. There’s lots of personal services provided and we’ve been able to position ourselves as part of each client’s team. It does however restrict the time we have for developing new clients and thereby hindering growth. Any thoughts about our process and how we could make it more efficient and still provide solid value to our clients.

    • Matthew Parker says:

      Dave, I will be writing more about this next week. I also offer content services if this is of interest to you.


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