What do you do when buyers tell you they have a lower price? (Learn how to make prospects want to choose YOU, even if you charge more)

Are you always being undercut on price?

You don’t need me to tell you that price is one of the main factors in trying to win business.  Other printers seem to be desperately cutting prices just to keep their machines running.

What do you do if your competitors are cutting their prices?

What do you do if your competitors are cutting their prices?

If you’re going to compete on price the only way to do that is to cut your own margins. But what happens when price is getting so low that it’s not covering your overheads?  Worst case scenario, if you carry on reducing prices, and potentially having negative margins, your company is not going to be sustainable.

But do you really have to be the lowest price to win?

There is another way.

There are printers out there who, even in these tough times, are selling print and making good profits.  These printers have:

  • Clients who will go out of their way to work with them.
  • Clients who are even prepared to pay extra.

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those printers?

Wouldn’t you like to break the cycle and stop ending up in price battles again and again?

If so, then you need my latest pdf-book.


How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price is a pdf book that will help you improve your print profits. Discover a simple, three-step process to creating powerful sales messages that move the conversation away from price. Click the image to buy your copy

Introducing “How to stop print buyers choosing on price”

My name is Matthew Parker. I’m not a sales guru.  I’m no marketing expert either.  But I do know about what makes print buyers spend money.

  • I’ve been buying print for more than 20 years
  • I know exactly how print buyers react to different ways of doing things
  • I know exactly what works for a buyer and what doesn’t
  • I have received approaches from over 1,400 print companies.

I’ve been a buyer for over 20 years. I know exactly which tactics work with buyers and which fail

The bad news is that most of those companies encouraged me to buy on price.  But that doesn’t always happen.

  • Recently I paid 12.5% more than the lowest price quoted on a print job. And I was happy to do so
  • I know exactly what the printer did to make me want and need to choose them
  • I know exactly how their sales pitch made me happy to ignore lower prices

Now I’m sharing this information with you.  This 118pp pdf book gives you new strategies for selling print.  You’ll understand why buyers so often choose on price.  And you’ll learn how to change their ways.

I’m giving you a three-stage process to stop buyers treating you as a commodity supplier.  It’s the same process that print companies have paid high consultancy fees for me to teach them.

This 118pp pdf book also gives you case studies of how real life printers are putting this process into practice.  You’ll understand how they are succeeding, stage by stage.  The book also gives you specific action steps to get you putting the process into practice yourself – in just twenty minutes after reading the first section.

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceWhy you need this book

“How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price” contains a simple, three-step process for printing companies to create sales messages that work.  Once you’ve read the book you’ll be able to get going with your first message after about 30 minutes’ work.  If you follow the process, the sales message that you create will make you stand out from the competition.  Your prospects will want to work specifically with you and your company.  As a result, price will become less of an issue.  You’ll be able to sell print at a higher profit margin.

If you purchase the premium version, you will also learn alternatives to cold calling. You’ll discover a method of selling that can even get customers calling you, ready to buy.

What makes this book different?

It’s the fact that you will learn how a print buyer thinks.  So you’ll know how to get the best results from them.  Of course there are plenty of books written by sales experts.  They know their field really well.  But they haven’t been print buyers.  And it is vital that you have that understanding of your customer’s mind.

I have worked in a huge variety of print buying roles. I still regularly talk with and work with all sorts of different print buyers. It doesn’t matter what sort of print buyers you work with. I know how they work and how you need to work with them.


“I am getting more quotes so something must have worked…”


The cost of Matthew’s book may seem off-putting.  However, my sales message I feel has vastly improved.




The part of the book that I found particularly interesting and informative was how to make your sales message have a difference and the benefits of this. My key learning was that potential clients do not want to hear about our machinery or man power – they want to know what we have to offer them.




The case studies throughout the book were very helpful.  The way the book is set into parts makes easy reading and makes looking back easy also.  The action points at the end of each chapter make you think about what you have just read and remember it.




I would recommend his book as I think it can help sales agents that use a different method not just marketing.  It is a very informative read.




Laura Wilkinson, Sales Executive, Whitesprint



How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceHowever, this book might not be for you

Don't buy this book if you aren't prepared to listen to something new

Don’t buy this book if you aren’t prepared to listen to something new

It’s only for those who are prepared to stand apart from the majority of print sales people.  For those who are prepared to put in hard work to start changing the minds of their customers and prospects.

  • It’s not for those who need to double their sales by next Thursday
  • It’s not for those that don’t have some resource to invest in their sales
  • It’s not for those who are scared by alternative sales strategies
  • And it’s not for those who can’t implement change

But printers who buy this book and implement the action points in it will achieve better results.  They will create great partnerships with their prospects and customers.  They’ll be in control of a much stronger sales pipeline.  And that means that they’ll achieve the targets that they set for themselves, both in print sales and personally.

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceHere are some of the highlights that you will learn

  • How to focus on fewer prospects but still win more customers
  • How to choose profitable prospects in under five minutes
  • How to avoid empty presses – a simple three-step sales messaging system that works
  • Why making your prospects feel pain will make them buy from you (and how to find your prospects’ pain)
  • Three ways to get great engagement from your prospects
  • How to find the right solutions to make your customers buy print – right now


Negotiation target

Target audience is a vital strategy for print sales. Find out why and ho to put it into practice

  • Why most print sales messages mean that buyers are forced to choose on price – even if they don’t want to
  • Three vital errors that many print sales people make – and what they should do instead
  • How some sales people actually encourage buyers to choose on price – and how to start making prospects think about value
  • Why your sales message can help a prospect choose your competitors – and what to do about this
  • Why 98% of printer’s differences don’t make them different and how to find an effective way to be different
  • How to make a print buyer choose you over your competitors (and even pay you more than the competition)
  • Three ways to make yourself stand out
  • Why clients need to feel like you’ve just fixed their car
  • Why uniqueness is VITAL – and how to create it

Why asking for a quote is a bad idea – why you should avoid talking about quality and service – three things you should focus on when you talk to clients – why you don’t always want more customers like your most profitable one –how five minutes inventing a name can make a customer decide that you’re the printer they HAVE to use

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price


“I was using this information at a client’s facility the very next day after reading it!”

It’s easy to put off purchase of books, but the title of this book particularly jumped out at me.


I found many things in this book that inherently all good sales people should know, but can easily be swayed away from. I myself was also a buyer of print in the past. Price is one thing, but almost always not the foremost consideration.  Matthew’s message and writing style was crystallized into language that gave specific tips and instructions on how to differentiate your sales approach.  Very good reading for anyone in the graphic arts industry.  I know I will go back over this book more than once.


I loved the section about discovering the customers’ pain points. I was using this information at a client’s facility the very next day after reading it!


There are excellent specific industry examples of how to apply these new techniques.  Two other useful sections focus on how to derive higher success by focusing on smaller sub sectors of sales prospects and how to develop multiple target audiences.

I would highly recommend this to all print industry sales people. Matthew Parker speaks from experience as a print buyer and gives a unique perspective to the trap sales people can fall into regarding an over-focus on price. If you want to get out of commodity type, price driven print sales, this is the road map for getting there!


Great job Matthew!


Martin Pugh – Director of Development, Sales & Marketing , Houchen Bindery Ltd.


Here are the details


How to stop print buyers choosing on price is a 118pp e-book.  You learn a three-stage process for creating engaging sales messages You receive case studies, showing how actual printers implemented these methods.  You see how they implemented this at each stage.  You receive action points at each stage in the book so that it is easy for you to put it into practice.

The pdf book also includes a complete extra section on new ways to attract and engage with customers worth £12.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do less cold calling?  And wouldn’t you like to communicate regularly with hundreds of customers without the time traditionally associated with this?  You’ll find out more about how to achieve this in the bonus section.  And you’ll also learn:

  • How to get customers to call you, ready to buy straight away (even if you’ve never spoken to them before)
  • How to have prospects eagerly await your contact (and how to alienate them in under five seconds)
  • How printers lose business by playing hide and seek with their customers

You also receive the MP3 audio version, value £19. Many people have a lot of spare time when driving or travelling.  So we’ve put together the audio of the book for those who purchase the premium version.  Some audio books are boring and monotonous.  But not this one.  We’ve worked hard to make it right up there with the very best audio books.  This audio recording works with all MP3 players and computers.

Best of all, the book will cost you less than taking a client out for a meal.

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceThis book comes with our “it’s not for me” guarantee

risk-free-gtdWe think you’re going to be really happy with your purchase.  But it’s just possible that you may read the book and feel that you haven’t learned enough to justify the price.  Or that you’re worried about putting it into practice and risking your current relationships.

If that’s the case you’ll be able to get your money back.  This e-book is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  If you are not happy with this product simply let us know and we will happily refund your money.  You don’t need to make up an excuse, and you don’t have to return anything. There’s only one condition: please tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with the product, so we have a chance to make it better. So, in the unlikely event that you really don’t feel that this e-book is for you, you’ll get your money back with a smile.  And, by the way, this guarantee lasts 30 days.

Why you shouldn’t delay

Firstly, the price on this page is strictly time-limited.

Do your customers see you as a commodity supplier?  How to stop print buyers choosing on price will help you solve this problem.  The sooner you buy this book, the sooner prospects will start choosing you as a supplier, even if you charge more. 

Matthew Parker signature




Matthew Parker

Invest in your copy NOW

When you purchase the premium version of this pdf-book you receive the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Action Plan – value £25

I’ve shared all the resources that I use when I create sales messages for my clients. Here’s what you receive:

  • My target market profile sheet.
  • The script I use when interviewing clients.
  • The three-stage process to creating a meaningful company difference
  • My elevator pitch construction process
  • Three more example TPD sales messages
  • A 21 page instruction pdf

I’m sharing some powerful and effective resources with you. This action plan shows you exactly what to do with each of the tools. I take you through the process that I use in detail. At the same time, I’ve made sure that you get just the right amount of information: you won’t suffer from overwhelm.

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P.S. What would gaining just one new customer who didn’t haggle on price mean for your profits?  How to stop print buyers choosing on price will help you make that sale.  And remember that it comes with the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  So invest in your copy now.  It will cost you less than taking a client out for a meal.


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How to stop print buyers choosing on price

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price will help you improve your print profits. Click the image to find about the deals available

It will make a difference to the way your company sells! "How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price" covers a subject that is key to every print sales person and manager. It is very easy to read and makes sense and will make a difference to the way your company sells! Sam Neal – Managing Director, Geoff Neal Litho

" Best $83 I ever spent"

I purchased your "How to Stop Print Buyers Choosing on Price Book". I thought it was excellent.

I have begun to put together a sales and marketing plan based on the model in the book. The message is starting to be heard.

Of all the points in the book, this one might be the most critical. With regard to finding the pain points of the target customer, the pain may not deal with printing. I really had never thought of it that way. I don't know this for a fact, but I think that is a huge shift from where the industry used to be. Ironically, I went to meet a small publisher the day after I read the book and she made that exact point to me. Her biggest pain point is data management. She was happy with her printers, but I got a clear indication they were just printers. They had done nothing to solve her pain or become "sticky".

I did not pitch anything at the meeting, just asked and listened. But I know exactly what solution I am going to offer her before I ever discuss printing their titles.

Thanks for the great information. Best $83 I ever spent.

Mark Pitzele
Thomson Reuters

Mary Beth Smith

"Any sales manager would do well to use Matthew's book"

"At a time when all printing companies are leanly staffed, and many sales departments lack marketing staff to support the sales effort, "The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook" provides a logical, well-crafted process for sales people to craft their selling message in a way that allows them to forge relationships that are profitable and on-going. Any sales manager would do well to use Matthew's book and process as a training guide for the sales force. Well done, Matthew!"

Mary Beth Smith -
"Girls Who Print"

Sandy Hubbard

"I read everything Matthew publishes because I know it will be well-conceived, persuasively presented, and immediately actionable"

"Matthew Parker's newest e-book "How to Stop Print Buyers Choosing on Price" continues in his line of solid advice to printers, print salespeople, and print buyers and procurement professionals.

Matthew attacks preconceptions with logic and examples. He drives home the concept that both buyers and sellers in the printing realm are better served by better relationships, better techniques, better value benchmarks, and better appraisals of how to make the project successful.

I read everything Matthew publishes because I know it will be well-conceived, persuasively presented, and immediately actionable."

Sandy Hubbard -
Print Futurist

" Please read it " I can with confidence recommend this book, it has a number of scenarios, gives several practical ideas and has numerous insightful tips on what needs to be done to secure business in our world of print, remember Matthew is a Gamekeeper turned Poacher: a print buyer giving print sellers tips can only help you. Please read it. Paul Scanlon Chairman IPIA