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When you purchase the premium version of this pdf-book you receive the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Action Plan – value £25

I’ve shared all the resources that I use when I create sales messages for my clients. Here’s what you receive:

  • My target market profile sheet.
  • The script I use when interviewing clients.
  • The three-stage process to creating a meaningful company difference
  • My elevator pitch construction process
  • Three more example TPD sales messages
  • A 21 page instruction pdf

I’m sharing some powerful and effective resources with you. This action plan shows you exactly what to do with each of the tools. I take you through the process that I use in detail. At the same time, I’ve made sure that you get just the right amount of information: you won’t suffer from overwhelm.

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Are you struggling to avoid giving in to customers when they demand lower prices?  Do your customers see you as a commodity supplier?  How to stop print buyers choosing on price will help you solve these problems.  The sooner you buy this book, the sooner you can start creating better partnerships with your clients.  And controlling the bottom line results for your company.  And achieving more for your company and yourself.


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" I was using this information at a client's facility the very next day after reading it!"

" It's easy to put off purchase of books, but the title of this book particularly jumped out at me.

I found many things in this book that inherently all good sales people should know, but can easily be swayed away from. I myself was also a buyer of print in the past. Price is one thing, but almost always not the foremost consideration. Matthew's message and writing style was crystallized into language that gave specific tips and instructions on how to differentiate your sales approach. Very good reading for anyone in the graphic arts industry. I know I will go back over this book more than once.

I loved the section about discovering the customers' pain points. I was using this information at a client's facility the very next day after reading it!

There are excellent specific industry examples of how to apply these new techniques. Two other useful sections focus on how to derive higher success by focusing on smaller sub sectors of sales prospects and how to develop multiple target audiences.

I would highly recommend this to all print industry sales people. Matthew Parker speaks from experience as a print buyer and gives a unique perspective to the trap sales people can fall into regarding an over-focus on price. If you want to get out of commodity type, price driven print sales, this is the road map for getting there!

Great job Matthew!"

Martin Pugh
Director of Development, Sales & Marketing
Houchen Bindery Ltd.

This book covers a subject that is key to every print sales person and manager. It is very easy to read and makes sense and will make a difference to the way your company sells! Sam Neal – Managing Director, Geoff Neal Litho