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When you purchase the premium version of this pdf-book you receive the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Action Plan – value $35

I’ve shared all the resources that I use when I create sales messages for my clients. Here’s what you receive:

  • My target market profile sheet.
  • The script I use when interviewing clients.
  • The three-stage process to creating a meaningful company difference
  • My elevator pitch construction process
  • Three more example TPD sales messages
  • A 21 page instruction pdf

I’m sharing some powerful and effective resources with you. This action plan shows you exactly what to do with each of the tools. I take you through the process that I use in detail. At the same time, I’ve made sure that you get just the right amount of information: you won’t suffer from overwhelm.

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Are you struggling to avoid giving in to customers when they demand lower prices?  Do your customers see you as a commodity supplier?  How to stop print buyers choosing on price will help you solve these problems.  The sooner you buy this book, the sooner you can start creating better partnerships with your clients.  And controlling the bottom line results for your company.  And achieving more for your company and yourself.

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Matthew Parker signature

Matthew Parker

" Best $83 I ever spent"

I purchased your "How to Stop Print Buyers Choosing on Price Book". I thought it was excellent.

I have begun to put together a sales and marketing plan based on the model in the book. The message is starting to be heard.

Of all the points in the book, this one might be the most critical. With regard to finding the pain points of the target customer, the pain may not deal with printing. I really had never thought of it that way. I don't know this for a fact, but I think that is a huge shift from where the industry used to be. Ironically, I went to meet a small publisher the day after I read the book and she made that exact point to me. Her biggest pain point is data management. She was happy with her printers, but I got a clear indication they were just printers. They had done nothing to solve her pain or become "sticky".

I did not pitch anything at the meeting, just asked and listened. But I know exactly what solution I am going to offer her before I ever discuss printing their titles.

Thanks for the great information. Best $83 I ever spent.

Mark Pitzele
Thomson Reuters

This book covers a subject that is key to every print sales person and manager. It is very easy to read and makes sense and will make a difference to the way your company sells! Sam Neal – Managing Director, Geoff Neal Litho