How to beat cold-calling blues – 5 steps to clients that want to buy your printing services

Posted by Matthew Parker

  • Bacon and eggs
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Sea and sand

These are all things that go together well.

When it comes to printing, there’s an important pairing that you should consider


Selling print doesn’t have to be all about cold calling

They may not seem such an obvious pairing as, for instance, bacon and eggs. But, in fact, they are natural partners.

Printing companies that use marketing as well as sales will create a relationship earlier in the sales cycle with many prospects.  They will also have a better control over the sales cycle.  They have a better chance of achieving their sales targets.

Printing companies that do not use marketing and sales combined may struggle to achieve the same results.  They certainly won’t be able to form relationships so early on with prospects.

To create a successful marketing campaign, you need five steps

Some sales people feel that this is wasted effort.

Surely you need one-to-one contact to get results?

I agree that it is often necessary to have a one to one conversation in order to get the order. But this activity is time consuming.  You need the right one to one activity to get the best results.

Cold calling can be a thankless task.  It’s hard to get good results from it.  However, if you have been carrying marketing activity, you can carry out a different type of call.

It’s time to focus on warm calling

These are calls to prospects that have expressed interest in you from your marketing efforts.  They already know about you.  They are often ready to take your call.  They may even be ready to buy.

The phone is still an essential selling tool for me.  However, I no longer make cold calls.

If you want to learn more about marketing you need to take one action

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You’ll soon come to realize that marketing and calling is as natural a pairing as bacon and eggs.
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4 Responses to How to beat cold-calling blues – 5 steps to clients that want to buy your printing services

  • Andy Griffin says:

    We are looking to grow sales and stop selling on price.

  • John Watson says:

    I am a sales manager and want to understand the 5 steps to beat cold calling blues

  • There is another and complementary direct marketing method that has been around for as long as the telephone – direct mail. And just like the technology of telephony has advanced, so has that of direct mailing.

    It’s called the internet. And it’s a lot faster than cold calling. That means you could employ the very skills you have as a cold caller and have online campaigns that really kick the ball out of the stadium.

    If you are intent on phoning people, that’s up to you. After all, there is a demand for it from companies who can justify the expenses involved – which will be considerably higher than an online direct response campaign. After all, once an online campaign’s running, it needs maintaining. Once a cold calling campaign is running it needs a team of people to work pretty well full time. And my guess is that the response rate is much the same in both cases.

    My point in saying this is that as a good cold caller, you possess the insight and creativity that would form an outstanding online campaign. One that would outperform the industry standard by a considerable measure. It’s the sort of thing you’re doing with your cold calling – only its very unwieldiness means you’re not working to anything close to your true potential.

    The other side is that you can nurture your warm leads by phone and your colder ones by email. As they warm, so your valuable input becomes the more valuable in that it’s being used to maximum effect.

    • Matthew Parker says:

      Gemma, the whole article series focuses around using content marketing. The internet is one of the main channels for this. Great point that good cold callers can create great marketing campaigns. Thanks for your comments.

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