Here’s one 10-minute task that will win you business on social media

Are you unconvinced that social media can in you business? Try this simple challenge

Do you have any old clients that you have lost contact with over the years? Ones that you would like to ring, but you’ve lost their contact details. Or you know they’ve moved on but you’re not sure where they are

Take 10 minutes to look them up on LinkedIn

Social media is great way to create useful sales meetings

Social media is great way to create useful sales meetings

It shouldn’t be hard to find them. When you do, reach out to them. Connect with them and send them a personal message.

You might be surprised at the results.

This is exactly what one of my clients did

Within a week she had connected with all 20 “dead” clients that she reached out to. She also had three meetings arranged.

That’s not a bad result for 10 minutes’ work.

Do you need more proof that social media works for printing companies?

Check out this article I wrote for the Xerox blog: How Social Media Increased One Print Company’s Sales By 46%

Do you want more strategies on how to use social media successfully?

Make sure you invest in How To Sell Print Using Social Media. This online course takes you step by step through a system for winning print business with less than three hours activity on social media every week.


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