How to use social media to win print sales. (Learn the skills you need to use social media confidently and successfully)

Imagine making profitable print sales because of social media

Imagine making profitable print sales because you know how to use social media effectively

Every day many of your competitors are making profitable sales with new clients. They meet these clients as a result of being active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has developed into a powerful form of marketing and an essential sales channel.

But it’s one thing knowing about social media. It’s quite another being confident in using it effectively. The last thing you want to do is to create the wrong impression on social media!

If you don’t use LinkedIn effectively you may fail to achieve the right results. You could end up losing valuable business or failing to make vital contacts.

There are a lot of business people who are aware of social media but they don’t feel that they have the time or the skills to master it or use effectively.

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceAnnouncing: “How To Sell Print Using Social Media”

Screenshot 7“How To Sell Print Using Social  Media” is my self-study course that I designed personally. It gives you the tools to use social media confidently and successfully. Wouldn’t it be great to be one of those people who feel at home with social media? Imagine yourself communicating, networking and selling effectively on social media.

  • You’ll be fitting in with what people expect from you in terms of social media
  • You’ll be seen as someone who continues to learn
  • You’ll keep up to date with what goes on in the business world

“How To Sell Print Using Social  Media” removes your fear of social media by giving you a better understanding of the practicalities. You learn how to use social media and you learn what you should be using it for. It’s based on my personal experiences of trying to make social media work for me.

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceI didn’t always get it right

At the beginning I was new to all this. It took me time to find my way. I became disillusioned with social media several times. Just like many others, I struggled to find a way of using social media that was profitable.

Internet research failed to give me the direction that I needed. Purchasing e-books from the so-called social media “gurus” proved to be a waste of time. In the end I had to work it all out for myself. Over the years I’ve now developed my own four-stage process for gaining sales on social media.

It can be very difficult finding the right route to successful print sales on social media. This course shows you exactly the right way to take

It can be very difficult finding the right route to successful print sales on social media. This course shows you exactly the right way to take

Social media is now my only channel for new sales

I’m winning the perfect clients for my business using Twitter and LinkedIn. I have had well-known global brands approaching me and asking me to work with them. These are the sorts of clients it would be almost impossible to win using traditional sales methods. Firstly, I’d struggle to find out the right people in the organisation to contact. Even if I managed to research this information, cold calling people like these is rarely successful. But now I find my perfect prospects willing to take my calls (if they haven’t approached me first).

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceI’ve managed to give up cold calling! (Although I can’t promise that you’ll be able to do the same, at least not for a good while).

With “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” you can find out the exact methods that I use to win this profitable new business from social media. It’s the same process that print companies have paid high consultancy fees for me to teach them. It’s not difficult to put into practice. Best of all, it’s possible to create successful sales on social media with less than three hours’ work a week.


My experience with social media was that it had been a total waste of time”

0e3bcedI started using social media back in 2007 thinking it would help my business. After a year of no results, I threw in the towel. I already had a packed schedule. Why did I want to add more useless work to my day by fooling around with social media? That’s as far as it’s ever gotten.


Until I read Matthew’s new course on Social Media

Immediately, I saw that Matthew’s approach was focused on the bottom line (generating more sales leads). He showed me exactly how to avoid getting distracted by all the noise of social media. Also, it was very obvious that he walks his walk with social media. This book is a how-to manual pulled directly out of Matthew’s very successful experience with social media.


He shows you exactly how to set up your profile, and all the many other steps necessary to become a content marketing champ on both Twitter and LinkedIn. Each page is filled with practical information you can use to go from complete beginner to power user in a relatively short amount of time.


My Favorite Section Is the Bonus Section

Be sure not to miss the bonus section. This is where Matthew really lays it out. He goes into exacting detail about how to manage all of the many social media tasks that are necessary to actually accomplish anything on social media. This is what was missing for me when I tried social media years ago. Matthew has not only shown me what to do, but has shown me how to do it, and how long it will take. This is useful information I can act on.


If you want to finally start taking profitable action in the area of social media, I highly recommend this very detailed and practical course.


Todd Smith, Todd Smith LLC, California

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price

Be aware: this course is not for everyone

It’s only for those who are prepared to stand apart from the majority of print sales people.

  • It’s not for people who aren’t prepared to put in about three hours work a week in order create a profitable, new sales channel
  • It’s not for people who are looking for a magic cure to fill presses immediately in a struggling print business
  • It’s not for people who aren’t open-minded enough to prepared to try new sales strategies
  • It’s not for people who resent investing time and money in themselves and their results

Print sales people who invest in this course and apply it will create warm prospects. They will learn how to create powerful relationships through social media. They will be in control of powerful new sales strategy. They stand a better chance of achieving their sales targets and achieving their personal goals.

Here are the full course details

Discover how to find and convert the ideal customer on social media

Discover how to find and convert the ideal customer on social media

“How To Sell Print Using Social Media” teaches you how to implement a powerful four-stage process to winning new print clients using LinkedIn and Twitter. The course covers the following areas:

The principles of social media
  • How social media fits in to the sales  cycle
  • Why social media is all about the person rather than the company
  • The truth about which social media platforms should you use
Section 1 – Creating a powerful social media profile
  • Warning: why the right profile is vitally important in social media
  • The 3 key elements to a powerful personal social media profile
  • Plus: exact instructions on how to set up your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles (after all, you don’t want your competitors seeing everything you do)
Section 2 – How to find prospects and connect with them successfully
  • The WIIFM technique: the vital question to ask if you want to make successful social media connections
  • How to find ideal customers using LinkedIn and Twitter
  • The two things you MUST do when you connect with someone on social media
Section 3 – How to create powerful engagement with your social media connections
  • 7 types of content to make your prospects engage with you
  • Where to find great content for your audience (it doesn’t take long, and you don’t have to write it yourself)
  • How to post content efficiently (I share content four times every day but some days I don’t log into my social media accounts – it’s all set up beforehand)
Section 4 – How To Convert Social Media Connections Into Warm Sales Prospects
  • 5 ways to maintain a dialogue with your social media connections and create a relationship with them
  • Which are the right prospects to convert? Find out exactly whom you should target
  • 8 conversion strategies to take your social media connections into the real world
Social Media Action Plans (Premium version only)
  • The 5 key goals for successful social media sales
  • A detailed social media activity outline
  • How using a task list can help you with your social media goals


How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceThere’s a lot of information in this course. So it’s fed through to you in five weekly instalments. This helps you focus on one stage at a time, rather than being overwhelmed with everything at once.

Here's a sample page from the pdf

Here’s a sample page from the pdf

Over the five weeks you receive over 200 pages of pdf tuition. It is all broken down into small sections so you can work on one thing at a time.  In this pdf I explain in detail all the exact strategies and processes that I use to win sales on social media. If I take you through a technical process you’ll see full screenshots of every step you need to take. If you buy the premium version you also receive a guide to setting social media goals and actions plans, as well as an audio recording of the full course.

Note that this course is for those who want to win new business customers, rather than run web-to-print sites aimed at consumer customers.

Can’t you find out all this information on the internet?

There’s a lot of information out on the Internet. So why do you need this course?

  • On the Internet you won’t find something that’s tailor made to your specific needs in the print industry
  • Nor will you find anything written by someone with my background, my experience, and my use of social media
  • This course is absolutely relevant to what you’re doing in the print industry
You won’t find anything tailor-made for your specific needs like this just by searching on the internet

You won’t find anything tailor-made for your specific needs like this just by searching on the internet

There are cheaper guides out there: why should you invest in this one?

There are no other guides written specifically for the printing industry. This course focuses specifically on how to find the right print customers, connect with them and convert them into warm prospects. If you win just one new print client, the course will have paid for itself many times over.

Can you really get results if social media is completely new to you?

Absolutely! You don’t need any technical knowledge to get profitable sales through social media. This course takes you through every step of the process: both the strategies and exactly how to set up your social media accounts. There are plenty of detailed screenshots to help you with this.

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceIs this course worthwhile if you already use social media?

One of the testers for this course already used social media extensively to win print business. He has made a big number of changes to how he works as a result of testing this course. He is now much more focused on winning the sale. So, even if you regard yourself as a social media veteran, you can expect to learn plenty of new strategies by working through this course.

Isn’t selling on the internet better for business to consumer models?

This course is aimed specifically at print sales people who sell to other businesses. If you want to create business relationships with these sorts of companies then you will get results from studying this course.

“I found that using several types of social media effectively is much easier and less time consuming than I had believed it would be”

1a63242This training is delivered by someone who is knowledgeable about the subject. It is put across in a simple and easy to understand fashion. Matthew can demonstrate his own success as a result of using the techniques and practices he teaches and promotes.


The best feature of the training is the hands on approach: you put the teaching into practice straight away.


The strategies covered are applicable to both personal and business needs.


Matthew delivers his training in a fun and enjoyable fashion. He’s very good at ensuring that that he is understood by everyone.


I would recommend this training.


Annette James, Business Development Executive, Online Resourcing

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price

So what makes this course different?

It’s the fact that it is tailor made for the print industry. There are lots of social media courses out there. But none of them are written specifically for people in the print industry. It’s vital that you understand how social media works in our environment.

Remember, I’m sharing the strategies that I use personally with you. These strategies result in people contacting me, asking me to help them with their print projects.

This course comes with our “it’s not for me” 100% money-back guarantee


This course is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  If you are not happy with this course for any reason simply let us know and we will happily refund your money.  You don’t need to make up an excuse, and you don’t have to return anything. There’s only one condition: please tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with the product, so we have a chance to make it better. So, in the unlikely event that you really don’t feel that this self-study course is for you, you’ll get your money back with a smile.  And, by the way, this guarantee lasts 30 days.


How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On PriceInvest in “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” today – price now discounted by 50%

When you purchase “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” today, here’s what you receive:

The full “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” training course – Value $181

Screenshot 7This outlines in detail the exact four-stage system that I use to win profitable clients on social media. You receive five weekly instalments of content in pdf format (plus an extra section and audio MP3 files when you purchase the premium version). Screen shots are included of any set ups you should make in your social media accounts. There are summaries and complete actions plans at the end of each section.

There’s a lot of information in this course. So it’s fed through to you in five weekly instalments. This helps you focus on one stage at a time, rather than being overwhelmed with everything at once.

When you purchase the premium version of this course you also receive two very valuable extra bonuses:

1)   “Social media action plans” (worth $57)

How do you work out exactly how much activity you need to undertake to get the right sales results? By the end of “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” you will have learned a total system for successful selling on social media. You’ll be able to find the right connections, connect and engage with them effectively and turn them into warm sales prospects. But if you don’t carry out enough activity you won’t get the right results. On the other hand, if you carry out too much activity you may be wasting your time and even putting people off engaging with you. This pdf bonus covers social media goal setting in depth. Best of all, you don’t even have to do any hard work yourself: it even includes two complete activity plans that you can use straight away. Naturally there is also an activity plan template that you can download and modify to create your own personal plan if that suits you better.

2)    Audio recording of entire course – MP3 format (worth $87)

ear budIf reading is not for you then these MP3s will allow you to study the course in a way that you prefer. If you have a hectic schedule, the recorded version will also allow you to study the course while driving or travelling. You’ll hear Matthew himself reads the entire course. That means you won’t suffer a flat monotone delivery. It is something that you will want to listen to. As it’s in MP3 format if will be compatible with all computers, smartphones, music players and the vast majority of audio systems.

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price

Invest in your success selling print using social media

How to sell print using social media
"How to sell print using social media" pdf self-study course in five weekly instalmentsPrint and Procurement TickPrint and Procurement Tick
Complete extra goal setting section with sample action plans and action plan template (worth $57)Print and Procurement Tick
MP3 recordings of entire course (worth $87)Print and Procurement Tick
Special price (valid on this page only)90.50 USD94.50 USD
Pay safelyAdd to CartAdd to Cart

How long have you been trying to get to grips with social media?

Things aren’t suddenly going to change. You won’t start getting profitable results from social media unless you invest in some help.

If you want to be able to use social media to its maximum effect you’ll need some help..

You have a choice

You can invest in “How To Sell Print Using Social Media”. Or you can carry on selling in traditional ways. You can carry on with the relentless battle with voicemails and gatekeepers. Meanwhile, many of your competitors will be making profitable sales using social media.

Invest in “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” today

Remember, you are backed by our rock-solid “it’s not for me” 30-day money-back guarantee.

Invest now

Invest now

Discover a new route to profitable printing sales with "How To Sell Print Using Social Media". Click on the image to find out the offers available.

I was really impressed by your social media strategy
Without your information, I would have never understood the power of LinkedIn and social media in general.

Jari Kunnas, Xerox Productions Systems Group

Matthew’s social media course has already resulted in three client meetings
I wondered if Matthew’s new course was going to provide the value for the cost. But, using Matthew’s specific connection and follow-on techniques, I connected with 20 people with whom I used to do business with. I hadn’t talked to several of these people in a long while or they’d moved on. So these connections open up a new opportunity. Making these connections has already led to three meetings and there’ll be more to come.

The feature I like most about the course is the audio
When I’m busy I can utilise all my time. When I’m in my car there is no down time!

The number one benefit is really understanding how to structure my profile
I thought that was very helpful. Comparing your strategies to traditional profiles was helpful to see. It gave me great ideas as to what I need to do and how I need to change mine.

And then I liked the part about how to gather content, for sharing
Because it can’t all come from me! So knowing where you go to get information that would be helpful for others to share is very useful.

I would recommend the course, particularly for someone in our industry
There’s not a lot of resources to go to that are specific to print.

The course has been great!

Rosalyn Stewart, The Label Lady, Stewart Label & Print, Inc.

"Did I really have the desire or time to be actively involved in Social Media from a work perspective?"

I now have a plan for what I can achieve through the use LinkedIn and Twitter. Crucially I also now have some practical knowledge and skills to help me achieve this.

The thing I valued most about the training was learning about Twitter
I was not at all confident about using Twitter, so it was great to cover how to use that.

There were other useful learnings as well
I liked use of tactics to schedule social media releases so that you can avoid being constantly sidetracked but can then devote attention to social media in a more time controlled manner.

I also found it valuable learning how to set up profile information with appropriate content. And I have some great general social media for business guidelines.

I would recommend this training
The course was a great reference for how it is possible to use Social Media in a work environment and provided some practical tips to get started.

Kyle Jardine, Northern Ireland Manager, British Printing Industries Federation

I have gained an increased response rate of over 50% to my invitations to connect on LinkedIn
This course has allowed me to put order into my Social Media activity. It has given me a better understanding of tools like Buffer, and some features of LinkedIn that I didn’t know.

The biggest specific result I have gained is increased response rate of over 50% to my invitations to connect on LinkedIn, thanks to the templates that come with the course.

The audio is a good complement to the course
It improves concentration on assimilating the content. I've also liked a lot the activity plans.

I would recommend this course
It is a general introduction to good working routines in Linkedin and Twitter.

David Carnero, Cevagraf S.C.C.L

Matthew has produced an excellent course
There are many people offering their guidance as to how to sell using Social Media, but I chose Matthew’s course as he had already been very helpful with his regular blogs and updates on LinkedIn. Although I have worked in the Print Industry for many years.

The road to achieving sales through Social Media especially Twitter, felt like a very long and tricky one
So I jumped at the opportunity to learn from someone who was already doing this well.

The course goes into great depth as to how you can get the best out of Social Media, and have been implementing suggestions by Matthew along the way. This includes setting up a scheduling tool, so that my updates on both Twitter and LinkedIn are timed to go out at the highest level of interest, which in turn was obtained by using another tool which analyses this for you.

Content Marketing and how to find it was really important to me, and was offered 7 different types that I could share with my network which was great!

I love the fact that the Action Plan structure is also offered
It shows to how to build the time to fit working on Social Media into your day, which I will implement in the New Year.

I have found that being able to follow both clients and prospects on both LI and Twitter with the aid of creating specific lists, has assisted me with finding out easily in ‘real time’ what is happening in their worlds, which in turn enables me to tailor the information that I then send to them and others in their industry. It also means that I can speak with confidence when discussing their requirements, as I have better understanding of what they are doing.

All in all, Matthew has produced an excellent course with which you can not only raise your profile, learn more about the companies that you are targeting, but also become recognised as someone who is useful to know too! Thanks Matthew.

Carole Arrantash, Consultant With A Creative Edge