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The full “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” training course – Value £132

Screenshot 7This outlines in detail the exact four-stage system that I use to win profitable clients on social media. You receive four weekly instalments of content in pdf format (plus an extra section and audio MP3 files when you purchase the premium version). Screen shots are included of any set ups you should make in your social media accounts. There are  summaries and complete actions plans at the end of each section.

There’s a lot of information in this course. So it’s fed through to you in five weekly instalments. This helps you focus on one stage at a time, rather than being overwhelmed with everything at once.

When you purchase the premium version of this course you also receive two very valuable extra bonuses:

1)    “Social media action plans” – Value £39

How do you work out exactly how much activity you need to undertake to get the right sales results? By the end of “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” you will have learned a total system for successful selling on social media. You’ll be able to find the right connections, connect and engage with them effectively and turn them into warm sales prospects. But if you don’t carry out enough activity you won’t get the right results. On the other hand, if you carry out too much activity you may be wasting your time and even putting people off engaging with you. This pdf bonus covers social media goal setting in depth. Best of all, you don’t even have to do any hard work yourself: it even includes two complete activity plans that you can use straight away. Naturally there is also an activity plan template that you can download and modify to create your own personal plan if that suits you better.

2)    Audio recording of entire course (MP3 format) – Value £57

ear budIf reading is not for you then these MP3s will allow you to study the course in a way that you prefer. If you have a hectic schedule, the recorded version will also allow you to study the course while driving or travelling. You’ll hear Matthew himself reads the entire course. That means you won’t suffer a flat monotone delivery. It is something that you will want to listen to.

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How to sell print using social media
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If that’s the case you’ll be able to get your money back.  This pdf-course is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  If you are not happy with this product simply let us know and we will happily refund your money.  You don’t need to make up an excuse, and you don’t have to return anything.

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How long have you been trying to have worthwhile conversations with prospects?

It isn’t going to suddenly become easier to speak with buyers. Gatekeepers and voicemails aren’t suddenly going to disappear.

If you want to be able to speak with new prospects, new sales strategies are essential.

You have a choice

You can invest in “How To Sell Print Using Social Media”. Or you can carry on the relentless battle with voicemails and gatekeepers. Meanwhile, many of your competitors will be making profitable sales using social media.

Invest in “How To Sell Print Using Social Media” today

Remember, you are backed by our rock-solid “it’s not for me” money-back guarantee.

I was really impressed by your social media strategy
Without your information, I would have never understood the power of LinkedIn and social media in general.

Jari Kunnas, Xerox Productions Systems Group

Matthew’s social media course has already resulted in three client meetings
I wondered if Matthew’s new course was going to provide the value for the cost. But, using Matthew’s specific connection and follow-on techniques, I connected with 20 people with whom I used to do business with. I hadn’t talked to several of these people in a long while or they’d moved on. So these connections open up a new opportunity. Making these connections has already led to three meetings and there’ll be more to come.

The feature I like most about the course is the audio
When I’m busy I can utilise all my time. When I’m in my car there is no down time!

The number one benefit is really understanding how to structure my profile
I thought that was very helpful. Comparing your strategies to traditional profiles was helpful to see. It gave me great ideas as to what I need to do and how I need to change mine.

And then I liked the part about how to gather content, for sharing
Because it can’t all come from me! So knowing where you go to get information that would be helpful for others to share is very useful.

I would recommend the course, particularly for someone in our industry
There’s not a lot of resources to go to that are specific to print.

The course has been great!

Rosalyn Stewart, The Label Lady, Stewart Label & Print, Inc.