How do you use social media to create print sales?


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Hi Matthew,

As a person that has recently ventured out into the social media space to build my personal brand and ‘network’ more efficiently, I just wanted to thank you for the aforementioned document. Very insightful, easy-to-understand and makes sense. I will definitely be looking to put some of the advice into practice.

Kind regards,

Jeremy Hutchins

Account Development Director , Paragon Group UK

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Sometimes it can feel like e-mail newsletters are too regular

But regular communications from Matthew allow us to stand back sometimes and see the wood for the trees. Just because we’ve always done things a certain way, it doesn’t mean that we can’t improve our offering and refine what we’re doing.

Matthew’s emails have encouraged us to look at things from a different perspective. Very enlightening! They are short, pithy and to the point – just the way I like it.

As a result of Matthew’s e-mails we’re now thinking slightly differently about how we can grow Orchard. The e-mails don’t concentrate on too many messages at the same time – repetition can be good. They also encouraged us to buy Matthew’s book – a very useful tool!

I would recommend signing up to Matthew’s e-mails. They are informative but not too pushy. Keep up the good work, Matthew.

Paul Rowley, Managing Director, Orchard Press