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Why the most successful print companies tell their customers what to do – and why this makes them more profitable

Posted by Matthew Parker

Do you ever put together flat pack furniture?  I don’t know about you, but when I first look at all the bits I tend to find it rather scary.  There always seem to be all sorts of odd pieces and I’m not sure where to put them.

And then I read the instructions.  And suddenly everything falls into place.  Everything is simple.  But without the instructions I’d be totally lost.

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Can customer charters reduce your print customer costs by 10%?

Posted by Matthew Parker

Don’t you hate it when an evening out does not turn out the way you thought?

My wife and I went out for dinner recently.  We went to a restaurant with an excellent reputation.  We were looking forward to a nice meal before going out to a film.

But the restaurant was busy.  We had to wait ages for our food.  And that meant that we had to eat our food in a hurry so as not miss the film.  We were not impressed.

If only the restaurant had warned us that there was a long wait for food that evening.  We could have made a decision not to have a starter.  Or to eat elsewhere.  But because the restaurant didn’t manage our expectations we felt let down by them.  And we won’t be returning there in a hurry.

Printers also risk losing customers if they don’t manage expectations.  And one of the best ways to manage customer expectations is by using a customer charter.

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