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23 ways to get your sales message out to a prospect

Do you actually talk enough about what your company does?

It’s important to get the message out about how you can help prospects and customers. Most sales people do not do this nearly enough.

The situation is not helped by the fact that many sales people stick within their comfort zones. They continue to use their tried and tested methods, even when they are not getting the results they need from them. Typically sales people work with phone and e-mail, despite the fact that most prospects ignore these channels.

The average prospect requires great communication before they even enter the buying cycle

The chances of you getting their attention when they are ready to buy are slim. By that time, the prospect is already likely to have shortlisted the suppliers they want to talk to.

To attract a prospect’s attention these days you have to reach out to them through as many ways as possible. It is only when they become aware of you through a range of different communications that they will start to take notice.

A good sales person will mix up their communication.

Do you do as much communication as you should?

Do you do as much communication as you should?

Here are 23 places to share your sales message

  1. On the phone
  2. During meetings
  3. In sales letters
  4. On your business card
  5. On your e-mail signature
  6. At networking events
  7. On your company website homepage
  8. Throughout company brochures
  9. In direct mail campaigns
  10. In e-mail newsletters
  11. In your LinkedIn profile summary
  12. On your LinkedIn company page
  13. Via LinkedIn messaging
  14. On your LinkedIn status update
  15. In LinkedIn group posts
  16. On your Twitter bio
  17. Through your Tweets
  18. On your Facebook company page
  19. On your Facebook profile
  20. Through your Facebook status updates
  21. On your WhatsApp summary
  22. On your Skype summary
  23. On your vcf card

Do you use all these channels?

It’s time to start exploring some new ones!

Act now!

Add your sales tag line to three of these channels this week.

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