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3 essential print sales activities for the summer

No-one does anything over summer

That’s the old sales theory. You should shut up shop and come back in September. Carrying out sales activity now is a waste of time. Right?


This time of year is full of opportunities

Avoid thinking that summer should be like this - read the article to find some more profitable activities!

Avoid thinking that summer should be like this – read the article to find some more profitable activities!

Certainly, not all your customers are as active as they might be. However, that doesn’t mean that you should reduce your activity.

Here are three activities you should engage in over summer:

Get your customers to plan

If your customers are quieter, they have more time to think ahead. Summer is a great time to start talking with them about the rest of the year. What will they be up to? When should they start on projects?

If you manage to show them how much they have to do, you may even persuade them to bring some projects forward. That can be a good way to fill presses if you have some summer gaps.

However, you should set your sights further than just your current customers.

Talk to old customers

Now’s the time to start re-engaging with customers that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Have they been using less print recently? This is a good opportunity to remind them why they should still be using print. Have they started using another supplier? Why did they do this? Is there an opportunity for you to win them back?

If this is a quiet time of year for these customers may have more time to speak with you. However, it’s important that they understand the value of you and your company. That’s where the third activity comes in.

Work on your sales message

When it’s busy, you don’t have the time to concentrate on your own performance. So if you have some spare time now, it’s the ideal opportunity to focus on your sales message. It’s time to make sure that it’s as compelling as it can be.

Check out “How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price” if you are in need of inspiration on how to make your sales message more compelling.

Make sure you write out an action plan now

It’s not high summer yet. However, it soon will be. It’s best to be fully prepared for this season. So now is a good time to start creating a detailed set of action points. You want to be sure about how you will put everything into practice.

There’s one other thing it’s important to remember about summer.

Carry on your standard sales activities as normal

If competitors are assuming it’s quiet they may well have decided to do less sales activity. You have a much better chance of contacting and converting your prospects.

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