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7 ways to benefit from LinkedIn – do you use them all?

Do you make the most of LinkedIn?

Many people I know are completely underutilizing this platform. Often, people simply have a profile on the site, connect with a few others and then do no more.

This is a shame, as there is so much opportunity to profit from LinkedIn. So here’s a quick checklist of what you should be doing on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn as a way to find prospects

The LinkedIn search function is an extremely useful tool to find out the names and contacts for companies that you should be doing business with. The clearer idea you have of exactly the type of client you want, the better this tool becomes. Make sure you used the advanced search option to be able to search some extremely well-defined profiles and keywords.

Are you using LinkedIn in the best way to extend your network?

Are you using LinkedIn in the best way to extend your network?

Use LinkedIn as a connection route

Are you struggling to get through to a specific prospect? Are they ignoring your calls and e-mails? Many people are very open to connecting on LinkedIn, even if they block other channels of communication. The connection can often lead to a worthwhile dialogue.

Use LinkedIn as a channel for dialogue

LinkedIn can be a great way to carry out conversations. It stands out more than phone or e-mail. The obvious way to carry out a conversation is through LinkedIn messaging. Again, many people respond to this even thought they ignore phone and e-mail. Remember, you can also tag people in status updates. You can also use status updates and groups to create one-to-many dialogues.

Use LinkedIn to create warm prospects

Once you are connected to someone, you do not have to restrict your relationship to LinkedIn. I have used LinkedIn as a route to setting up phone calls and meetings. Some of these have simply been for networking purposes. Others have led to profitable business.

Use LinkedIn to make people aware of you

It doesn’t always have to be you that starts the connection process. I receive a great deal of connection requests from potential prospects and useful industry connections. Some of these people find me through the search function. But many become aware of me because I am active on LinkedIn. I update my status regularly. I use the LinkedIn publishing function. I am active in groups. If you use these channels, you will find that more and more people want to connect with you.

Use LinkedIn to share information

Status updates, groups and LinkedIn publishing are also useful when it comes to getting the word out about what you and your company are up to. I have a large number of connections on LinkedIn. My activity helps keep me front of mind for them.

Use LinkedIn for education and inspiration

LinkedIn also features excellent content. LinkedIn Pulse and LinkedIn groups are a good way to stay informed and educated. It is worth taking time to spend some time reading on LinkedIn, as well as connecting.

Isn’t all this too time-consuming?

There are good benefits from spending time on LinkedIn. I have won clients that I wouldn’t have dreamt of approaching through other channels. I have also had people approach me to discuss how we might work together or how they might become my client. These were from companies that were simply not on my radar.

In addition, LinkedIn does not have to be time-consuming. I consider myself a very active LinkedIn user. Yet I only spend about two hours a week on my LinkedIn activity. I consider this essential sales time.

It’s time to take action

Challenge yourself to carry out one of these activities on LinkedIn within the next seven days. If you do use LinkedIn, make sure it’s a new activity.

Also, consider learning about how to use these strategies in more detail. One way to do this is by investing in “How To Sell Print Using Social Media”.

Just make sure that you aren’t one of those people who waste the opportunities that LinkedIn can give you.

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