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Many printing companies are winning profitable business from content marketing

They are making sure that they remain at the front of their prospects’ and customers’ minds with a regular feed of interesting content. They are making sure that they will be the first supplier that buyers contact. The education and inspiration that they share means that they are always a first choice supplier.

Content marketing is proven to be a successful sales strategy. It means that your sales team will be talking to warm prospects. It means that people are more likely to get in touch with you, rather than you chasing them for work. It makes sure that your company is known and that the buying community is talking about you.

But how do you produce a good stream of interesting content?

Many companies do not have any copywriting skills in house. Naturally, anyone can try and write good copy. However, you have to have the right skills to make sure that your copy can be read on the web. In addition, your audience will have different styles of taking on board information. How do you make sure that you engage with as many people as possible?

Just as importantly, copy writing takes time. It is not uncommon for an unskilled copywriter to take up to four hours to write a blog article! Can you afford to have people in your company spending this time when they could be doing something more profitable?

However, many professional copywriters do not understand the printing industry. Nor do they understand the mindset of the buyer. They are going to struggle to create the right copy that will engage the people you want to reach out to.

So what’s the solution?

Announcing copywriting services from Profitable Print Relationships

I am now available to write content for your company. I have a reputation for having created a large engaged audience through Profitable Print Relationships. In addition, I gain nearly all my new work through the content that I write.

I have trained as a writer. It was hard work! I had to write an article every day for three months as part of my training. I didn’t have a single day off! In addition, I have studied the psychology of learning styles. I know how different people take on board information.

Just as importantly, I understand the print industry. But I don’t just know how the industry works: I understand how to communicate this to your customers so that they understand the benefits of your products and services.

This means that I now produce copy for companies like yours. Here are some of the services that I provide:

  • Blog articles
  • Case studies
  • Social media content
  • Newsletter content
  • Website copy
  • Testimonials
  • Sales letters
  • Keynote speaking

If you need to produce any of these items you should talk to me now.

Understand that not all copywriters are the same

I’m sure you can find cheaper copywriters than me! When you are looking at copywriters here are some of the thing that you should be asking:

  • What is your knowledge of the printing industry?
  • Do you understand how buyers think?
  • How does your writing engage different learning styles?
  • What experience do you have with working with other companies in this industry?

Here’s what makes my copywriting services different

Everything that Profitable Print Relationships does is driven by my understanding of the mindset of someone who buys print. There are lots of people writing copy who can create a press release that talks about the great features of a newly launched piece of kit. But they haven’t been buyers. They don’t have the understanding of what engages your clients and your prospects.

That is why Profitable Print Relationships is uniquely placed to create content that communicates the right message to your prospects in a way that will make them sit up and take notice.

Are you ready to grow your company business?

Are you ready to invest in successful growth? Talk to me now to and discover how my content can help you achieve those goals.

“As a result of working with Matthew we have seen an increase in engagement”

“Prior to using Matthew’s services we had struggled to find an author who had the relevant experience to identify with the very specific target market of key decision makers in the print and publishing sectors. Clearly Matthew has a deep level of expertise in the print sector and knows what makes decision makers in this arena tick.

We have never seen such engagement with our content before! As a result of working with Matthew we have seen a big increase in engagement with our content via our social media channels. For instance, his articles have already caused lively discussion in a number of LinkedIn groups.

Matthew is a very good listener and was able to learn very quickly about our company’s target audience and create content appropriate for this market.

He creates authored content with excellent structure and calls to action. The content created is evergreen: it will continue to deliver value in the longer term with no need to rewrite the content.

We are happy to recommend Matthew’s content creation. After posting our first content from him, we are already interested in scaling up our outsourcing of Matthew’s services.”

Simon Wright, Digital Marketing Manager at Parcelhub and Mail Workshop

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