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Matthew speaking at the Fuji Xerox Innovate 2012 conference in Singapore

How do you educate an audience of printers about what the buyer needs?


Many print conferences offer excellent speakers from the print industry.  They also have inspirational speakers from outside the industry.  But it can be hard to find buyers who tell it like it really is.

It can be harder still to find buyers who are experienced speakers.

Matthew is a regular keynote speaker at print events.  His aim is to show print companies the buyer’s view.  But he also gives printers practical actionable advice on how they can improve their engagement with buyers.

He creates lively sessions that are designed to appeal to different learning styles.  It is not unusual to find Matthew with a travel pillow or a fluffy elk.  But these props all have a serious purpose in helping the learning experience.

For the first time, the audience got an in-depth view of how a professional print buyer reacts to how proposals are presented

Matthew’s presentation opened up the eyes and minds of many of the participants at our PrintSea 2013 conference.

Particularly useful was the part where Matthew described how he, as a print buyer, experienced the way printers presented them selves.

Matthew is a person with a lot of experience.  He is able to engage the audience.  He speaks with a clear and uncomplicated message.

I am happy to recommend Matthew because his experience is relevant for the graphic industry.  I am happy to have people like him to educate and give in-depth information to a fast changing industry.

Bjørn Frantsen,
Customer & Channel Marketing Professional,
Canon Norge AS

Matthew’s current presentation titles include:
  • How to stop buyers choosing on price
  • How Apple can help the print industry sell more profitably
  • How to stop giving in to the buyer
  • How To Sell Print Using Social Media

Matthew can also develop bespoke presentations for your event.  He is used to working with simultaneous translation and appearing at panel and question and answer events.  Book Matthew for your event.

These are some of the events that Matthew has presented at
  • Stationers Hall 2008
  • Publishing Expo, 2010, 2011, 2012, London
  • CrossMedia 2011, 2012, 2013 London
  • FESPA Global Summit 2012, Barcelona
  • FESPA Digital, 2012 Barcelona
  • Innovate 2012 – Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, Taipei
  • Canon PrintSea 2013, Oslo and Kiel
  • NGL 2013, Oslo
  • Xerox Premier Partner 2014, Milan
  • Ohjelmistopäivä 2014, Helsinki
  • Dscoop 2014, Orlando
  • Ipex 2014, London
  • Konica Minolta Enable Your Business 2014, Manchester, Bristol, London, Glasgow, Nottingham
  • Print Efficiently, 2014, 2015, Hemel Hempstead
  • Print 2.0 2014, Helsinki
  • IPN Conference 2015, Lisbon
  • Graph Expo 2015, Chicago
  • The Print Show 2015, Birmingham
  • Jetcomm 2016, San Antonio
  • Dscoop 2016, San Antonio
  • The Print Show 2016, Telford
  • Xerox Channel Partner Conference 2017, Barcelona
  • IPN Conference 2018, Tel Aviv
  • Dscoop 2018, Vienna
  • Fuji Jetpress 2018, Bedford
  • Canon Arena18, Oslo
  • Digital Print & Sign 2018, Ireland

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