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Do you want to reach out to a highly engaged audience of printing companies and print sellers?

There is now an opportunity to the Profitable Print Relationships audience of engaged printing companies and print resellers

Matthew now offers the opportunity for companies to reach out to such an audience through his extensive newsletter list and social media audiences.

Matthew will write an educational article of approximately 800 words, focusing on an area where your company specialises. The article will state that it is sponsored by you. There will also be a call to action directing readers to the web page of your choice.

This article will be sent by email to the Profitable Print Relationships “Views From The Buyer” newsletter list. In addition, the article will be shared multiple times to Matthew’s highly active social media channels. You are also free to feature the article on your website or in your newsletter, as you see fit.

These sponsorship opportunities are limited

There will be no more than one sponsored article month. This ensures that readers are genuinely engaged with the Profitable Print Relationships newsletter. It is not an advertising-led publication. Instead, it highlights information and opportunities that are genuinely of interest to its readers.

Previous users of the sponsorship have seen good levels of engagement from these articles.

Here are more details of the size of the audience that you will reach

Matthew currently has the following reach on his social media channels:
Twitter: over 22,000
LinkedIn: over 4,850
Facebook: over 800
Newsletter list: numbers available on application

What to do next

Please contact Matthew to discover the current scheduling availability and costs.


“Worth it’s weight in gold!”

Linkz-IM creates mobile interactive print. We are still in an early stage of reaching out to the print community: marketing budgets are tight. It was therefore not an easy decision to invest in a Profitable Print Relationships sponsored article.

Matthew made sure we had a clear call to action in the article. As a result, we received several new leads. We have already converted many of these into customers. In addition, we believe this activity added to the number of social media followers and connections that we have. This promises well for future enquiries.

Engaging with Matthew’s network in this way allowed us to reach out to a large number of prospects that we had had no previous contact with. It would have taken us a huge amount of effort and resource to attempt to do this in another way. We also ended up with a valuable piece of content that we can feature on our blog that will be useful for a good while to come. Matthew came up with the idea for the article and led us through a process that was very easy for us.

If you wish to engage with a global audience of print sellers, I would thoroughly recommend investing in a sponsored article from Profitable Print Relationships. The potential from the customer we have won has made this activity very profitable.

Matthew has helped grow our sales. He is worth his weight in gold!

Robert Berkeley, Founder & Chair, Linkz-IM

“Anyone can make promises, we all hear them all the time, as clients or consumers our question is always Prove It!”

“The promise we make at Where the Trade Buys is #ProfitExpress: we create a range of simple to use products and services that allow our customers to make more profits and grow their businesses.

Using Matthew Parker’s sponsored blog allowed us to “Prove It!” very clearly, with great practical advice which is easy to deploy, that does make a real difference to our customer’s top and bottom line and is what Profitable Print Relationships is all about.

Great products and services get you so far, progressive customers take you further and we are happy to help that process with Matthew’s excellent content.

Matthew has spent years attracting a following of forward thinking people in the print, these are exactly the type of customers we would love to be using our services, so a genuine win win.”

Gary Peeling, CEO Where The Trade Buys

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