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Are your sales declining? Here are 3 quick ways to stop this

Do you plan for sales decline?

According to some studies I have heard, printing companies should expect 15-20% of their existing business to drop off every year. But many sales people assume that their key accounts will stay the same or grow. That’s a dangerous assumption!

I have worked with a few people recently who have seen a decline in their sales and need to do something about it fast! Here are 3 practical strategies to get some business in quickly.

1. Start an upsell programme

How many times do you ask for referrals?

How many times do you ask for referrals?

Most clients are happy to spend more if you give them a good reason. Do they know how economical it can be to run some extra copies? Or to add an eye-catching finish?

You can also upsell other products to help your clients. If they are purchasing an exhibition stand, do they also need banners or brochures? If they are purchasing a brochure, do they need mailing, printed envelopes or brochure stand?

Create an upsell matrix so that it’s easy for non-sales staff to make these suggestions. You should be making these suggestions every time you quote a job.

2. Ask for referrals

Your existing customers are a great source of potential new leads. However, the majority of sales people do not ask for introductions. Make sure you are asking 3-4 customers for referrals every week.

3. Ring your lapsed customers

It’s easy to stop contacting clients who haven’t placed business with you for a while. Make sure you start contacting these customers. It is surprising how many of them have work and are prepared to place it with you. Set yourself a target of at least four effective calls a day. These calls don’t take long. But it’s important to work through your list.

This all focuses on your existing client base

If you need more business quickly, this is the most productive place to start. Many people do not make enough of the potential opportunities with existing clients.

These three strategies can often be enough to stop a sales decline.


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Download your free copy of 10 Common Print Selling Errors And What To Do About Them (worth £19/$29) right now

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