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Here are the statistics that prove selling through social media works

There are still plenty of people who don’t believe in social media Some people still believe that it is only for the younger generation. Some believe that it is a branding tool but doesn’t serve any other purpose. Others believe that it is a distraction that stops sales people from getting on with proper selling. These people are missing out on using an extremely valuable sales channel. I use social media to make a significant amount of my new sales. I have used it to win some very profitable and some highly prestigious clients.

The three essential targets that help you win new business with social media

Can you imagine selling successfully without targets? This is virtually unthinkable in today’s business environment. Nearly every salesperson has a target. Some sales people are simply told to go and win a certain amount of business. And, increasingly, people are also given an action plan to achieve this target. There is one big thing lacking in all the sales activity plans that I have seen. Yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s social media activity. This doesn’t yet appear to have a place in planned sales activities. I think this is a big omission.

Here’s how to find 2,445 new prospects and their contact details in 90 seconds

New prospects can be hard to find Finding a reliable source of list data can be very hard, not to mention expensive. Trawling through business directories is time consuming and rarely comes up with good results. Walking round industrial estates trying to win new business is a very costly way to find more customers. There’s a much simpler solution!

One vital change you should make to your LinkedIn profile right now

LinkedIn is a constantly changing platform Throughout this year LinkedIn has been making many tweaks and changes to the platform. Some of these have been really useful. Others have made using LinkedIn rather more difficult. It’s hard for everyone to keep on top of these changes. Typically, LinkedIn leaves you to discover them and work out the implications yourself.

How to create prospects that are ready to become customers

Have you been taught the ABC of sales? There was a sales mantra a few years ago of “always be closing”. When I hear this I always think of the hungry sales person, going in for the kill. Their prime focus is to win the next order. However, today’s customers do not wish to be sold to in this way. They prefer a softer sales journey. They wanted to be educated and helped. They don’t want to be sold to. Educating your prospects and customers can be satisfying and enjoyable. Nevertheless, it’s important that your prospects be guided so that…

How the envelope planning system gives focus to your day

Print sales people need to plan their priorities When you are starting your day it’s important to know what you should be concentrating on. What goals do you need to achieve over the next few hours? Some people rely on complicated spreadsheets or just hope for the best! Fortunately, for print sales people there is a system to help that is much less complicated than a spreadsheet. It also gets much better results than just hoping! Introducing the envelope planning system

How to plan and schedule the right sales activity for your printing company

How will you achieve the sales turnover that you require over the next 12 months? This is a question that I have asked many printing companies over the years. Naturally, I have received a variety of answers. Some companies have very detailed plans. They showed me spreadsheets, targets and activity outlines. Others rely on their sales people to achieve the targets that they have been set. But it’s up to the sales people to decide how to achieve them. However, there are an awful lot of companies that appear to rely on hope when it comes to achieving the right…

Four reasons why annual sales targets are a waste of time

How much turnover does your company need? You don’t need me to tell you that bringing in the right amount of business is vital for the survival of any company. This is what is normally set as the company sales target. It’s the one big figure that has to be achieved over the next twelve months. Some companies set elaborate annual sales plans. Others just hope that the business will come in. Either way, companies that rely on an annual sales target or plan often fail to reach it. Here’s why annual sales targets fail so often:

Why good customer service makes new customers buy on price

Far too many sales people are fixated on customer service “We offer excellent customer service!” “I’m what makes the difference: I look after my customers personally” “I’m here for my customers 24/7” “Our customer service team is second to none” We’ve all heard claims like these before. Possibly you are making them. You’ve probably heard your colleagues coming out with something very similar. Your competition is certainly saying that they do all this and more. Many customer service claims are untrue

Why saying no improves sales results

We live in a “yes” culture In today’s world, everyone is encouraged to say yes as often as possible. In the world of selling we are conditioned that the customer is always right. We are told that we must do everything that they want. Otherwise they will go elsewhere and we will lose valuable business. This article will challenge the assumption that yes is always right response. Saying no can bring valuable business benefts. It can Saying no can be a powerful strategy for sales people Those who say no often gain more respect. This means that they create stronger…

Get free access to your 10 Common Print Selling Errors And What To Do About Them (worth £19/$29) here!

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