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How becoming an event manager can improve print sales

Have you ever run an event for your customers?

Events can be a great way to get prospects and customers to spend time with you. The more time they spend with you, the more they learn about how you can help them. And the more you are likely to make a sale or an upsell.

But there can be a big problem with events as well.


Events are a great way to build sales

Many sales events are utterly boring for the customer

I’m often invited to view a print company’s new machine. Other companies like to try and persuade me to factory open days.

Before you plan an event like this, ask yourself a question.

Why should the customer attend?

Just as in many other sales approaches, events can be all about you. They are not about the customer.

Remember to stay in the customer’s world.

Create something with the customer in mind

Invite some interesting speakers from their industry. Or a speaker who can help companies market themselves better.

Or you could get very radical.

Try holding an event away from your factory

You could get a group of like-minded customers together for networking and business brainstorming. That will generally attract far more people than the opportunity to see a printing press that they are probably not interested in.

You’ll get to spend lots of time with the people at the event. They’ll also remember you as a company that’s a bit different. A company that’s willing to go out of their way to help their clients in areas other than print.

Here are three steps to get going with a customer event

  • Decide which customers you would like to focus on
  • Ask them what sort of content they would be interested in
  • Research venues that are convenient for your customers

There’s one other action you should take as well

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