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3 key mistakes that lead to a lack of sales from social media

Does social media really work in the print industry?

I am frequently told by print sales people that they have tried social media but that it doesn’t get them results. Often, when I look at what they are doing, I find that they could make some simple changes. If they made these changes there will be a big difference in their success at social media.

Interestingly, I also find that most people are making the same mistakes on social media.

There are three common errors that people often make on social media

What are the three big barriers to success in social media? Find out more in this article.

What are the three big barriers to success in social media? Find out more in this article.

Sales people who avoid these mistakes are more likely to form good relationships on social media. These relationships often profitable sales. So these salespeople are more likely to be in control of a profitable sales pipeline. They are more likely to achieve their sales targets.

Sales people who make these mistakes will fail to create engagement and relationships on social media. They will be wasting their time and energy on social media. They will be achieving sales results from their activities.

So what are the three mistakes?

1)     Doing nothing

Social media is now littered with inactive accounts. There are plenty of people they just don’t show up on social media. That’s a shame because they are missing out on some great sales opportunities.

Some people think that just having a social media profile will be enough to win the business. They are mistaken. Others may have tried to use social media but given up. Often, that’s because they make the next mistake.

2)     Failing to communicate when connecting

I am always amazed at how few people actually communicate with me on social media. Let’s remember that this is social media.

The best opportunity to start a conversation is when you connect with someone. I receive many requests to connect on LinkedIn every week. Presumably, people have sent me connection requests because they see it being worthwhile for us to form a relationship. However, when I accept the invitation I then hear nothing. This is despite the fact that I always send back a message after I accept the connection request. These people have missed a great opportunity to start a dialogue.

However, some people are far too vocal after they have created a connection.

3)     Selling

Sometimes, after I have accepted an invitation to connect on social media, I am hit by a full on sales pitch. However, I have only just been made aware of this person’s existence. It’s too early to start talking about if we might work together.

Successful social media depends on engaging with people before trying to sell to them. Social media is not the right environment and sales. When you feel that you have a prospect who is ready to have a sales conversation then it’s time to move the relationship off-line.

The right activity on social media can lead to very successful results

One company I talked to recently had just started to use social media as a sales strategy. Already, they are getting six times more response than when they used direct mail. (And let’s remember, direct mail gets far better results then cold calling.)

They have applied all the right tactics for successful social media. They are active, they create dialogue with prospects and they move the sales conversation off-line.

Here’s an action point if you want to succeed at social media

Check out our free pdf-guide “How To Use Social Media To Create Warm Prospects” – you can download it below. You’ll soon have a strategy for social media rather than claiming that it doesn’t get you results.

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