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The seventh myth of print sales: social media is bad news for print

Have you noticed how print has always been under threat? First it was radio. Then it was television. After that, the Internet came along. Now it’s social media that is threatening to put an end to print. Despite these continuous threats, print has always survived. It continues to be a very effective channel for communicating with people. Will social media bring an end to this? Will it be the change that kills off print? I believe the reverse is true.

The sixth myth of print sales: selling service and quality is a great way to get new customers

I have been approached by over 1400 printing companies. That’s a lot of print sales pitches to sit through! So now I play a little game. Here’s how it goes. In my last article, I explained how most print sales pitches sound exactly the same to buyers. My game centres around these similarities. I have a little tick list. Every time I get a new sales pitch from a print company, I bring out the list. As the printer goes through their sales pitch, I see how many elements I can tick off my list. You can see the four…

The fifth myth of print sales: customers only choose on price

When the print salesperson is white and sweating, then you have done your job. It’s a familiar situation to everyone. The buyer has been ruthlessly in action. They have mentioned budget limitations competitor prices the promise of further work the risk of them changing supplier Slowly but surely, the print sales person has been forced to give way. If they want the work they will have to compete on price. After all, all buyers choose on price. That’s the only factor that buyers consider. But is that really true? Let’s look at a different point of view.

The fourth myth of print sales: it’s the customer that makes it all about price

The more urgent the job, the later the files. A printer is only as good as the last job they delivered. The customer will have conveniently forgotten what you said to them, unless you have it in writing. These are just some of the things that I have heard printers say about customers. I think we all agree that they have more than a grain of truth in them! Here’s another thing that I hear printers say about customers: The customer makes the sales conversation all about price. But this is one that I don’t think is so true. In…

The third myth of print sales: prospects are fascinated by the features and benefits of your company

I love all the features of my car. I like the 170 bhp engine which makes acceleration so easy. I like my 18 inch alloys which hold the road so well. I like being able to control the contents of my iPod from the steering wheel. And the climate control keeps the temperature just right. I have to admit though, I didn’t need the parking sensors. Their constant beeping drives me up the wall. The car salesperson did an excellent job on me. He sold me on all the features and benefits of the car.  But it’s a very different…

The second myth of print sales: relationship selling brings in the business

Have you ever seen a print sales person imitate a goldfish? This happens to me a few years ago. He wasn’t expecting the answer that I gave him. His mouth opened, then closed but nothing came out. He went all goggle eyed. The reason for this fishy behaviour was because I said a single word to him:  “No”. The print sales person had just changed companies. He had made a big deal to his new manager about all the loyal customers that he had. But I had just told him that I was staying with his original company. And by…

The first myth of print sales: more sales activity creates more profit

If you throw enough mud some of it sticks This is a saying that I hear a lot when I’m talking to print salespeople. They are focused on creating as much activity as possible. They are contacting as many customers as possible as many times as possible. The main object is to get a lot of quote requests. These salespeople work on the basis that the more prices they give out, the more work they are likely to book in. You have to admire these people. They are slogging away in a difficult market place, day in, day out. It…

How the seven myths of print sales are destroying our industry

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? My daughter recently lost her first tooth.  She carefully wrapped it up and placed it beneath her pillow.  It was great to see her excitement the following morning as she unwrapped the paper and found a shiny coin.  I love being able to give her pleasure through the story of the tooth fairy. But the time will come when she no longer believe in tooth fairy.  You and I know that the tooth fairy is no more than a myth.

How to increase print sales by mentoring your customers

Some years ago, I was a confident print young print buyer.  I was achieving good results for my company.  I was technically aware.  I thought I knew it all. And then I met my new manager. He had had a long career in purchasing.   He showed me just what I could be achieving.  Under his guidance I learned a lot and achieved much more than before.

Why failing to educate customers can lead to print companies going bust

I have an important duty as a parent. It is my duty to educate my daughter. It is my responsibility to make sure that she behaves properly. It is my responsibility to make sure that she understands how to interact with other people. And it is my responsibility to make sure that she is capable of leading a fulfilled and happy life when it is time for her to leave home. But parents are not the only people who must educate in this way.

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Get free access to your 10 Common Print Selling Errors And What To Do About Them (worth £19/$29) here!

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