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Why using e-mail can cost business big money

Do you hate extra costs? I have been staying at a lot of hotels recently.  The room charge that I am quoted is rarely what I end up paying.  They manage to find a whole host of extras.  Just for starters, there are internet charges, parking charges and room service charges.  The list is endless. But it’s very easy to miss these extra costs when you book in at a hotel.

The bedtime story principle – how to create great marketing content that your audience wants to read

I’m really not keen on fairy princesses. Fairy princesses are too pink for me.  They live in an unrealistic world.  I’m just not interested in them. As a grown up man, you would think that I would be able to avoid them.  But I have a problem.

How to create killer content: three ways to make sure your customers stay engaged with you (without cold calling)

Can you imagine a busy newsroom? Reporters are frantically chasing up stories on the phone.  The place is noisy with the clattering of computer keyboards.  Above all, there is a sense of urgency. The pages for the next edition must be filled on deadline.

Do you hate cold calling? How content marketing can get you sales more effectively

Call. Next call. Next call. We all know the life of many sales people.  It’s one cold call after another.  It’s a constant slog to get new prospects interested and then to keep in contact with them. But there is another way.

How three qualification questions can prevent wasted print sales time

Have you measured your company’s quote conversion rate recently? Recently I was talking to a consultant I know who works in MIS.  He was telling me some of the latest quote conversion rates that he had seen.  Many print companies are working at conversion rates of 10% or less. That means a lot of wasted time for print companies.  It means a lot of resource that is tied up producing no profit.  Having a low conversion rate is an expensive business. However, this expense often happens because a vital stage of the sales process is left out.

How any printer can get a 32% response rate for a client (case study)

Wouldn’t you love to produce a campaign for clients that produced a 32% response rate? That’s why I think you should look at this case study in detail.  I am indebted to Paul Gardner for making me aware of this example.  In the campaign, a Porsche was photographed in front of the homes of target prospects.  The photos were then used to create individual mailers.  People received a photo of a Porsche in front of their house. The response rate was excellent:  according to the agency, nearly a third of recipients logged into a website from where they could book…

How to avoid selling print – nine sales strategies to help printers improve profit margins

One minute everything was normal.  The next moment there was a charred and smoking building and bodies everywhere. Have you been following Homeland?  My wife and I are addicted to it!  There’s always a twist in the plot which I didn’t suspect.  I certainly wasn’t expecting the bomb in series two. It was an apocalyptic scene.

Why selling print will be the death of printing companies

Do you remember vinyl?  What about cassettes? I spent many happy days in my youth building up my record collection.  And I enjoyed making compilation tapes too. All of this is now a distant memory. My vinyl was sold off long ago (although with many regrets).  My cassettes are now more.  DAT has been and gone.  Even CDs are falling by the wayside in the era of the MP3. The music industry has evolved.

How to love your customer on Valentine’s Day and increase client loyalty

It’s Valentine’s Day this week.  I hope you have prepared your significant other a nice card.  Perhaps you have also bought them a small gift.  Or are planning to have a nice meal with them later.  Relationships are important on Valentine’s Day.

The extra mile – how printers who make an error can keep customers happy

I remember the first print job that I placed when started my company.  The first client is always an important client.  I was desperate to please them. So imagine my dismay when I received a phone call asking where the job was. Things got worse.  The printer had not chased up for proof approval.  So the job hadn’t hit the presses yet.  The paper hadn’t even been ordered.

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Get free access to your 10 Common Print Selling Errors And What To Do About Them (worth £19/$29) here!

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