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How to beat cold-calling blues – 5 steps to clients that want to buy your printing services

Bacon and eggs Laurel and Hardy Sea and sand These are all things that go together well.

The essential marketing strategy that most printing companies ignore (and therefore miss out on easy sales)

Can you imagine eating chocolate as a main course? Surely chocolate is a desert ingredient?  Eating something sweet like that in a main course seems like a crazy idea. However, chocolate is an essential ingredient in some delicious savory sauces.  It can be very effective in the right dishes. It just goes to show that you can achieve some excellent results by challenging traditional thinking.  The same applies in social media.  When social media is mentioned we immediately think of all the online platforms. Taking social media offline may seem like a crazy idea.  But, just like chocolate in main…

How to use social media to sell printing services effectively: three simple rules

My disappointment was crushing I had been training for my first half marathon for months.  I was confident I would achieve a good time.  I was ready to run. And then I got ill. I had flu.  There was no way I would be able to run.  All my efforts had been for nothing.

Why printing companies need Red Bull if they want to increase sales

Red Bull is a well-known brand.  It’s achieved phenomenal success over the last few years.  What is interesting is that this success has been achieved almost entirely through social media.

How to increase your print sales by interviewing your clients

“I assume you’d like some chocolate cake, Matthew?” I’m a well-known chocoholic. If I want a hot drink, I’ll choose hot chocolate. If I’m having ice cream, I’ll choose chocolate (unless double chocolate is on offer). When I’m writing articles, I have some chocolate to give my brain some energy. But I’m not that keen on chocolate cake. When it comes to cake, I love a good lemon drizzle cake. Unfortunately, most people simply assume that I’ll be having chocolate cake. They are surprised when I politely decline. If you want me to consume cake, you need to avoid making…

How the Fishing Method gets print customers to call you

Sometime it’s hard to resist It’s a perfect day.  The sun is glittering off the river. The fly is drifting lazily on the water. And the fish is drawn to the bait.

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