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Four vital resources for printing companies in 2014

My daughter has changed completely When I look back over the last 12 months, I can hardly believe how much my six-year daughter has developed. For one thing, she is quite a bit taller. However, the changes run far deeper than this. Her skills have improved dramatically. For instance, she is also getting pretty good at working out what money to pay in shops (and a worrying desire to know my bank card details!). Her character has developed too. She is beginning to teach me quite a lot. The print industry is changing too. Just like my daughter, its character…

Three things printing companies must do at Christmas

Would you be able to plan your Christmas in just 30 minutes? I was told about a couple who entered a supermarket only 30 minutes before it closed on Christmas Eve. The husband raced round to get all the ingredients for their Christmas lunch. Meanwhile, the wife was busy buying presents. I hear they made it to the checkout with seconds to spare! However, I can’t help thinking that it was all a bit of a rush. Surely things would have been more enjoyable if they had done some planning first.

How to beat cold-calling blues – 5 steps to clients that want to buy your printing services

Bacon and eggs Laurel and Hardy Sea and sand These are all things that go together well.

How to use social media to sell printing services effectively: three simple rules

My disappointment was crushing I had been training for my first half marathon for months.  I was confident I would achieve a good time.  I was ready to run. And then I got ill. I had flu.  There was no way I would be able to run.  All my efforts had been for nothing.

Why printing companies need Red Bull if they want to increase sales

Red Bull is a well-known brand.  It’s achieved phenomenal success over the last few years.  What is interesting is that this success has been achieved almost entirely through social media.

How to increase your print sales by interviewing your clients

“I assume you’d like some chocolate cake, Matthew?” I’m a well-known chocoholic. If I want a hot drink, I’ll choose hot chocolate. If I’m having ice cream, I’ll choose chocolate (unless double chocolate is on offer). When I’m writing articles, I have some chocolate to give my brain some energy. But I’m not that keen on chocolate cake. When it comes to cake, I love a good lemon drizzle cake. Unfortunately, most people simply assume that I’ll be having chocolate cake. They are surprised when I politely decline. If you want me to consume cake, you need to avoid making…

Why cold calling is an inefficient way of selling print

“Get your schoolbag ready.” “Get your schoolbag ready.” “Get your schoolbag ready.” It’s hard work getting my daughter ready for school. Even when it comes to doing the simplest things, she needs constant reminding. Sometimes it seems like I’m telling her to do the same thing again and again. In actual fact, it’s not just my daughter who needs constant reminding. If we want people to take action, sometimes we need to tell them something again and again.

Why print sales people should know nothing about printing

Have you heard about the newsreader who sold print? One printing company decided to try something different. They decided to hire someone who has been a local newsreader to sell printing services for them. Everyone said it would be a disaster. The newsreader knew nothing about print. How on earth would she be able to sell the company’s services? She would be unable to answer any of the buyers’ questions. Every conversation would make her look like the amateur she was. The critics were forced to eat their words. The newsreader became the most successful salesperson at the printing company.

Understanding the buying process: three questions a print sales person should ask to find out if a buyer is serious

How many times has a prospect used your price to beat down their existing supplier? It’s a situation which has happened to most printing companies that I know. Let’s face it, most customers are more likely to stay with their existing printer unless they are given a very good reason to move. A small price reduction is rarely enough. Print salespeople face a problem. Why do prospects show buying signs when they have no intention of purchasing? We’ve all been there: we believe we have had a great conversation with the prospect. Then they carry on using their current supplier….

How the wrong clients can cost printing companies big money: three essential prospect qualification skills

Have you ever lost a sure fire sale? I remember clearly one of the first sales pitches that I made when I set up Print & Procurement. I was excited to have successfully cold called a new prospect. They had invited me in for a meeting. I was all set to win a new client. But it was not to be. I had a long meeting. I gave the prospect lots of useful information. I left the meeting in high spirits. But I never heard from the prospect again. When I thought about it, I realised that the prospect had…

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