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How an optician can improve your print sales

What on earth can an optician teach anyone about print sales? A visit to the optician is always a worrying time for me. For one thing, I don’t want the cost of a new pair of glasses! So I’m always keen to try and do as well as possible in the eyesight tests. There’s always one test where I struggle. I am shown a little series of lights, and I have to say what colour they are. In order to get a high score, it’s important not to blink. The optician always reminds me not to blink. It’s at that…

Should you do less cold calling? Three ways to get out of your printing sales comfort zone

Would you ever dare to order a meal for someone else? This can be a dangerous thing to do. You may order something completely different than what the other person would choose. You may even order something that they dislike. And, naturally, not all people like being ordered for. But I know I’m safe when ordering a curry for my wife She will always choose lamb saag. No matter what is on the menu as the matter how long she looks at the menu, it is always lamb saag. She is not interested in any other dishes. She sticks to…

Are you in danger of losing key clients? Why sticky solutions are vital if you want to stop selling commodity print

Can you imagine losing 20% of your work in one phone call? That’s what happened to a printer I know recently. Their biggest client has tended out their work. At the end of the process they have decided to change suppliers. It was a purely price related decision. There wasn’t anything the current printer could do about it All the client had to do was to send their PDFs somewhere else. The current printer had served the client well. But they had no way to make it difficult for the client to move to the new supplier.

How stickiness creates more loyal print customers

The pdf is a curse for the modern print industry. The very advantages of the pdf create problems for print companies.  A pdf is a small file that is easy to send.  It is portable and convenient.

How the TPD principle stops print customers choosing on price

“But we’ve always done it like that.” That’s the frequent answer to the first of my questions that I ask when I visit a company as a consultant. That first question is why are things done as they are. Many times, processes and principles have been passed down from person to person. These processes and principals have never been challenged. But the business environment around us is changing. For print companies to survive, they have to challenge what they are doing. One of the most important places to do this is in the sales team.

How the seven myths of print sales are destroying our industry – revisited

Do you use Google translate? I find it a really handy resource. It has really helped me if I have been trying to understand something in a language that I do not speak. However, I always take the results with a pinch of salt. Often, the translation is not entirely accurate. Sometimes, you could fail to understand the writer’s true meaning.  Sometimes, I think that has happened with my seven myths of print sales series.

The seventh myth of print sales: social media is bad news for print

Have you noticed how print has always been under threat? First it was radio. Then it was television. After that, the Internet came along. Now it’s social media that is threatening to put an end to print. Despite these continuous threats, print has always survived. It continues to be a very effective channel for communicating with people. Will social media bring an end to this? Will it be the change that kills off print? I believe the reverse is true.

The sixth myth of print sales: selling service and quality is a great way to get new customers

I have been approached by over 1400 printing companies. That’s a lot of print sales pitches to sit through! So now I play a little game. Here’s how it goes. In my last article, I explained how most print sales pitches sound exactly the same to buyers. My game centres around these similarities. I have a little tick list. Every time I get a new sales pitch from a print company, I bring out the list. As the printer goes through their sales pitch, I see how many elements I can tick off my list. You can see the four…

The fifth myth of print sales: customers only choose on price

When the print salesperson is white and sweating, then you have done your job. It’s a familiar situation to everyone. The buyer has been ruthlessly in action. They have mentioned budget limitations competitor prices the promise of further work the risk of them changing supplier Slowly but surely, the print sales person has been forced to give way. If they want the work they will have to compete on price. After all, all buyers choose on price. That’s the only factor that buyers consider. But is that really true? Let’s look at a different point of view.

The fourth myth of print sales: it’s the customer that makes it all about price

The more urgent the job, the later the files. A printer is only as good as the last job they delivered. The customer will have conveniently forgotten what you said to them, unless you have it in writing. These are just some of the things that I have heard printers say about customers. I think we all agree that they have more than a grain of truth in them! Here’s another thing that I hear printers say about customers: The customer makes the sales conversation all about price. But this is one that I don’t think is so true. In…

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