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Why it’s time to stop selling print (and start selling results)

People do not buy cars People buy speed, status, style, economy, performance and power. People do not buy shampoo; people buying great looking clean or manageable hair. This is an extract from “Guerilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson. Is a quote that all print sales people should remember.

Why discounting is the route to failed print sales

Let me tell you about Sean Sean is very fussy about his coffee. He knows what he likes. He only likes the best. Sean makes sure that he gets premium coffee. But he never pays full price for it. Sean buys his coffee from a specialist coffee merchant. It’s the type of company where you expect to pay more for the service and products that they provide. If you look at their price list, you’ll see why only coffee connoisseurs shop there. So why is Sean paying substantially less than standard prices?

How the Fishing Method gets print customers to call you

Sometime it’s hard to resist It’s a perfect day.  The sun is glittering off the river. The fly is drifting lazily on the water. And the fish is drawn to the bait.

Three essential questions for printing companies to achieve profitable client qualification

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. You can’t drive a car without turning the engine on first. You can’t print a leaflet if you have no ink for your press. I’m stating the obvious here. But it’s impossible to get the end result you want without going through an earlier stage in the process first. Sometimes the earlier stages of a process are not so obvious.

Why print sales people should say no to prospects

I like to give my daughter what she wants. However, she also needs to understand the boundaries in life. There is behaviour that is unacceptable. She cannot always have what she wants. It is important that I say no to her sometimes.

Why printing companies must make their prospects pass the Formula 1 test to find profitable customers

Have you ever dreamed of being a Formula One racing driver? For most of us, the chances of this dream becoming reality are highly remote. Very few people ever get the chance to even try for the lower grades of racing driving. Racing teams are ruthless in their selection policies. That ruthlessness means that they get the very best. They get the drivers that will get the best results for them. Printing companies benefit from ruthless selection procedures too.

How the seven myths of print sales are destroying our industry – revisited

Do you use Google translate? I find it a really handy resource. It has really helped me if I have been trying to understand something in a language that I do not speak. However, I always take the results with a pinch of salt. Often, the translation is not entirely accurate. Sometimes, you could fail to understand the writer’s true meaning.  Sometimes, I think that has happened with my seven myths of print sales series.

Why 20% of print companies will go bust in the next twelve months – the strategies that bring disaster

I’ve got a New Year prediction, and it’s not a nice one Over the next twelve months I believe that 20% of print companies will go bust.  Yes – that’s one in every five printing companies. Does that seem harsh? Print volumes are declining.  In most countries there is already too much capacity.  Many print companies are busy investing in equipment and processes that will make them even more efficient. Something’s got to give.

The three print newsletters you must subscribe to in 2013 – and how they will help your business

Have you made your New Year resolutions yet? Here are some of the ones I have made: Have more family time Do more mountain trekking Learn new recipes But I have also made some professional resolutions as well.

How print companies force buyers to choose on price (and three ways to improve your sales message)

I’m tired of hearing the same old message from so many people in the print industry.  I’m tired of hearing that buyers are driving down prices. Some of you may think that I’ve lost the plot here.  After all, print prices are steadily declining.  Isn’t that down to the actions of buyers?

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