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Do you practice accountability?

How do you achieve what you are being asked to?

These days I see many people being given total freedom in what they do. This applies especially in sales. In one way this is great. No one is telling you what to do. As long as you achieve the right results, you choose how you get there.

But sometimes, being left on your own is hard.

Freedom isn’t always as great as it’s made out to be

It's always good to know someone who can keep you on track

It’s always good to know someone who can keep you on track

Sometimes you can be left wondering what you should be doing. This applies particularly when you haven’t been set clear goals or targets.

At other times it can be difficult to maintain the momentum that you require to succeed. It can also be hard to measure your progress.

That’s why accountability can be very helpful

There are three ways to achieve accountability:

  • Ask your manager to set you clear targets (although if you are the company owner, this can be difficult!)
  • Find an accountability buddy. This can be a work colleague or simply a friend. You both decide what targets you need to achieve. You decide what activity you are going to undertake in order to achieve those targets. Then you both report weekly to he other person. You may surprised at how effective this is at keeping you on track.
  • Work with a mentor. They can help you set the right targets. They will give you the backup to help you achieve them and often show you new ways to accomplish your goals. Naturally, they will also keep you accountable. Mentors can be very effective because they are not connected with your company.

Try setting up some accountability

Whichever accountability route you go down, you will find that you are suddenly much more focused on setting yourself goals and achieving them. You will also find that you get satisfaction from achieving more.

Find out more about mentoring

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