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How flossing your teeth makes a dramatic improvement to sales results

Have you ever tried to create a new habit?

My dentist is a fierce woman! A while ago she told me I should floss more. I was too scared to say no! But agreeing to do something and actually achieving it are two completely different things…

I really struggled to keep the habit of flossing. But I also knew that if I could change this from a new task to a habit I would hardly notice a daily floss. The improvement to my teeth would be very worthwhile. Best of all, my dentist would stop giving me a hard time!

Sales people need to create new habits


How do you make asking for referrals into a profitable habit?

Those who adopt new sales strategies and keep improving their results will find much easier to create new customer relationships. They will be more in control of their sales process. Naturally, this means it is much easier to achieve your sales results.

Sales people who stick to doing the same old things will struggle to achieve their targets. Worse still, they are likely to see their sales results decline. The relationships with their customers will become weaker. They will start to lose control of the sales process.

Here’s how one printer created some profitable new sales habits

I was mentoring one printing company. The owner didn’t have much time for sales. But he needed to improve his results. We started by creating a new referral programme.

At first, asking for referrals was seen as a tough task. I had to remind him on every call. We set asking for referrals as a regular task in his sales diary. I talked him through the referral process. We set a target of asking for three referrals every week. To help him with this we also discussed which clients he should ask and how he should approach them.

At first he struggled to ask for the three referrals. But, as we worked together, requesting referrals became easier. We were able to raise the referral target. These days, we have moved on to working on other projects – referrals are second nature to him.

The results of this activity were impressive

Some of the referrals he received have the potential to transform his business. The prospects that he is being introduced to could become some of the top spenders. He has already won some ideal new projects. This printer is now firmly convinced of the value of referrals.

He has created a successful habit.

I have also created a new habit

I am happy to report that closing my teeth is now a regular habit. I put it on my daily task list to remind me to floss. After a a while, it became second nature.

My teeth are glistening. My dentist is (finally!) pleased with me.


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