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How to increase print sales with upsells (and 3 costly errors)

How often do you upsell to your customers?

I am often surprised at how often print sales people fail to upsell me. Upselling is a vital sales strategy.

Sales people who use upsells will achieve better turnover and profit at many customers. They will also demonstrate that they are full of creative ideas. This helps build a good relationship between salesperson and client. Using upsells will make it easier to achieve your sales goals.

What is an upsell?


Upselling is a powerful way to increase customer turnover – if it’s done right

An upsell is an offer to a customer with two solutions. The first one is what they asked for. The second one has some extra elements that the customer had not thought of. The upsell also highlights the value of the second option to the customer. This is a powerful way to increase turnover and profit margins.

However, many people make some costly errors when using upsells.

It’s easy to make upselling too complicated

Many sales people spend too long on their upsells. They try to work out the very best opportunities for their customers. Likewise, many customer service staff feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to pick the right upsell for a customer.

That’s why it is important to focus on the right upsell products. It’s also important to make sure that you have the right simple systems in place to help teams choose the right product for each prospect.

Successful upsells are not just about the product.

Make sure your upsells are as profitable as possible

Some printing companies lose out on some good profit opportunities by approaching upsells in the wrong way. Remember that customers view upsells in a different way from their main purchase.

This isn’t just a case of pricing upsells correctly. It’s also important to make sure that the prospect understands the correct value of the offer that is being made.

So what’s the third mistake that people make when it comes to upsells?

Often, more people at your company should be upselling

Upselling is not something that should just be left to sales people. Every person with a customer-facing role at a printing company should be briefed on upselling. This should include:

  • Customer service teams
  • Estimators
  • Production staff
  • Despatch teams

You might be surprised at the results that can be achieved if you introduce a bit of friendly rivalry between teams at your company!

What are the next steps to successful upselling?

  1. Decide your upsell products
  2. Brief everyone relevant at your company
  3. Read up on a more detailed guide to upsells. It’s just one of the many print strategies included in “How To Improve Your Print Sales”. It has a detailed outline of exactly how to put upselling into practice. Here’s the link to find out more.

Remember what happens if you don’t use upsells

Sales people who do not use upsells will fail to achieve as much as they might from their clients. They will have to find more new clients to achieve the same results. This normally means a lot more work!
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