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How do you stop buyers from driving your print profits into the ground?

(Learn how the right negotiation skills can stop you giving away too much)

Stop buyers doing this to your profits

You want that order at all costs

Your sales are down and you want to get everything you can in. All that is on your mind is to get a new customer and get the order in.

So you drop the price

You don’t like doing it but the most important thing is to get the order.

But you’re paid on commission. Wouldn’t you sooner get paid on 10% proft rather than 1% proft? Or not being paid at all?

Wouldn’t you like a system that would help you sell print more profitably?



Here’s “How to Make Print More Profitable: The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook

This pdf handbook helps you make more money from your print sales

I’m Matthew Parker. I’ve spent over 20 years buying print and negotiating with print sales people. I’ve been responsible for multi-million pound print budgets. Amongst other roles, I headed print purchasing for one of the UK’s leading magazine publishers.

So I’ve done my fair share of making sure that I get the best possible deal from printers.

Now I’m sharing the negotiation you need to know:

  • I’m telling you exactly what to do to get the deals that you need
  • I’m sharing my strategies on how to get more from the person you’re negotiating with
  • I’m revealing how to never give away more than you want
  • I’m showing you how you can fight back whene you’re selling print
  • I’m making sure you know exactly how to use my techniques
  • As you read “How to Make Print More Profitable: The Print Industry Negotiation Hanbook” you become a more effective negotiator. You learn how to stand up to buyers.

You learn the same seven stage negotiation process as those who have spent hundreds of pounds to attend my face to face training courses.

Throughout the 142 pages of this pdf book you see exactly how print buyers and print sellers put this process into action. You see exactly how they create winning negotiation deals. You see the mistakes that can ruin a negotiation and how to avoid them. That’s because the handbook is crammed full of example negotiations – from all areas of the print industry.

What makes this handbook different?


Understand how expert print buyers beat down prices

Understand how expert print buyers beat down pricesIt’s the fact that you learn how a print buyer negotiates. So you know exactly how to stand up to their demands and create a deal that works for you.

Of course there are plenty of books written by negotiation experts. They know their field really well. But they haven’t been print buyers. They don’t understand the print industry. And it’s vital that you understand exactly how you should use negotiation techniques in the situations that you face.

I have successfully negotiated all sorts of print deals. I still regularly negotiate with printers. If you want to achieve more profitable print sales you need to understand the techniques that I use. You need to understand the right strategies to stop me controlling the negotiation. You to make sure you know how to get what you need.

Get the Handbook here

“I knew I’d learn plenty (even with my experience)”

“I haven’t been disappointed!  This comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide laces an excellent strategy for negotiating, with identifiable experiences, humorous stories, and several real-life ‘confessions’.

But best of all, whilst the theme is the print industry, everything Matthew shares can be applied to so many aspects of life and business.I recommend it as a must-read for everyone.

If you want your business or personal budget to go a great deal further, invest in Matthew’s handbook without delay, and you can immediately start to apply his tried and tested methods for successful negotiation. I’m off to do just that and save some money right now!”

Ann Grindrod – and

However, this book isn’t for everyone

  • It’s not for you if you can’t afford to invest their time and money in this book
  • It’s not for you if you can’t be bothered to put in the hard work needed to become a good negotiator
  • It’s not for you if you are scared to try new techniques
  • It’s not for you if you aren’t prepared to stand up their customers

It’s only for you if you want to achieve more profitable print sales. And if you are prepared to invest time and effort to achieve this.

But printers who invest in this pdf book and implement the action points in it achieve more profitable sales. And they also learn techniques that make sure they create great partnerships with their prospects and customers. They end up in control of a much stronger sales pipeline. They achieve the targets that they set for themselves, both in print sales and personally.

Here are just some of the things that you learn in the book

Find out how NICE goalsetting increases print profits

  • How to improve your negotiation results by over 100% with just five minutes extra work
  • How to control your negotiation in 37 seconds flat (a simple technique that gets great results)
  • How to make the other party feel a winner – at the same time as getting what you need
  • Why the best negotiators use mirroring and how it gives them power over the other negotiator
  • The big mistake that many negotiators make that means that they will never get a good negotiation result (people make this mistake because they think it gives them negotiation power when really it puts them in a weak position)
  • Why many people give their negotiation opponent the advantage in one simple move – and how to avoid making this error
  • What is WIIFM and why it stops you giving away something for nothing (I use this ALL the time)
  • How to use markers (most people use markers all the time without realising it, and that can be dangerous)
  • A four stage goal setting system that is incredibly powerful
  • How to make a negotiation proposal that is highly profitable to you but that the other negotiator will be happy with too
  • How to keep to the goals that you set – even when the other side puts you under great pressure
  • How to make sure the deal you make progresses from handshake to reality (people who don’t use these techniques risk wasting all their negotiation efforts)

How to stop wasting time on negotiations – Why small talk gets big results – How to deal with difficult negotiators – How to use these negotiation techniques to improve your personal wealth

Get the Handbook here

“Superb advice, suitable for absolute beginners and seasoned negotiators alike”

“Matthew’s handbook is a thoroughly good read and a must-have for those who enter into any forms of negotiation. It is full of superb advice which is suitable for absolute beginners and seasoned negotiators alike. I am even thinking of using some of the techniques at home!”

Andrew Pearce, Chief Executive –

Here are the details

Case studies and action points

“How to Make Print More Profitable: The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook” is a pdf handbook. It has 142 pages. The handbook outlines a seven stage process that ensures you achieve the results you need when you negotiate. It is crammed full of actual examples of negotiations. You see things from both the buyer’s and the seller’s point of view. And you receive action points at each stage in the book. You put the strategies into practice easily, and improve your results quickly.

The handbook is in pdf format so it’s compatible with all readers. And you download it instantly as soon as your payment has been processed. The handbook costs you less than you spend on fuel going to a client meeting.

Get the Handbook here

This handbook comes with our rock solid “it’s not for me” money-back guarantee

We think you’re going to be really happy with your purchase. But it’s just possible that you may read the pdf and feel that you haven’t learned enough to justify the price. Or that you’re worried about putting it into practice and risking your current sales results.

If that’s the case you’ll be able to get your money back. This pdf handbook is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee. If you are not happy with this product simply let us know and we will happily refund your money. You don’t need to make up an excuse, and you don’t have to return anything.

So, in the unlikely event that you really don’t feel that this handbook is for you, you get your money back with a smile. And, by the way, this guarantee lasts 30 days.




The bonuses

Audio version – recording worth $65

Many people have a lot of spare time when driving or travelling. So we’ve put together the audio of the book for those who purchase the premium version. Some audio books are boring and monotonous. But not this one. We’ve worked hard to make it right up there with the very best audio books. This audio recording works with all MP3 players and computers.

Full negotiation checklists – PDF worth $19

When you prepare fully for a big negotiation there’s a lot to remember. And it’s easy to forget something. And that one thing could prove to be vital later. So the premium version of the e-book comes with a full set of checklists. You’ll never struggle to think about what you need to do again.

The print industry negotiation hanbook Regular Premium
The print industry negotiation handbook
The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook audio book (recording worth $65)
Full negotiation checklists (worth $19)
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Why you must not delay!

Do you end up giving away more than you want? Are you suffering from shrinking profit margins? “How to Make Print More Profitable: The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook” will help you solve these problems. The sooner you buy this pdf book, the sooner you can start selling print at higher profit margins.

That means you’ll be more in control of your sales pipeline. So you’ll achieve more for your company and yourself.

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Matthew Parker

P.S. What would gaining just 2% extra on your jobs mean for your profits?

“How to Make Print More Profitable: The Print Industry Negotiation Handbook” will help you achieve that goal. Printers are getting back their investment in this pdf handbook many times over – often with their first negotiation. And remember that it comes with the “it’s not for me” guarantee. So invest in your copy now (remember that this page is a time-limited offer). The pdf handbook costs you less than you spend on fuel going to a client meeting.