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Introducing the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Action Plan

I have a special offer for you, as someone who has purchased How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price

You cannot normally buy this action plan on it’s own: you need the book to gain the right results from it. As you have already purchased the book, you can purchase the Action Plan at today’s upgrade price: that’s only £20 (around $30 USD).


Here’s what you receive

My target market profile sheet

Many people don’t know enough about their target audience. This sheet helps you define who you are targeting and makes sure you know all the right information about them

The script I use when interviewing clients

The key to creating a powerful sales message is to talk to your current customers. But how do you do this? What questions should you ask? My script comes with the exact questions I use. You also receive instructions on how to set up and prepare for the interview and a set of follow up questions

The three-stage process to creating a meaningful company difference

Whenever I work with companies they are stumped when it comes to creating a difference that actually makes them stand out and which means something to the buyer. I show you the right process to follow that gives you a list of effective differences. I also show you how to check if these differences will work for your prospects and clients.

My elevator pitch construction process

It’s all very well having chosen a target audience, knowing their pain and understanding what makes you different. How do you actually turn this information into a powerful sales message? I share with you the structure I use to take all the information and turn it into an effective sales message, together with detailed instructions on how to create your own.

Three more example TPD sales messages

I have created three brand new example TPD sales messages. So, when you purchase the book you’ll have a total of eight example messages. But these new messages have been created as elevator pitches. You can use them as templates for creating your own messages.

A 21 page instruction pdf

I’m sharing some powerful and effective resources with you. This pdf shows you exactly what to do with each of the tools. I take you through the process that I use in detail. At the same time, I’ve made sure that you get just the right amount of information: you won’t suffer from overwhelm.

When you invest in the action plan today you pay one single payment of just £20 GBP (inc taxes)

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