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How limiting beliefs can reduce your sales results

I read an interesting post by Michael Hyatt recently. He states that there are three types of limiting beliefs that many people have.

Sometimes our sales results are ruled by our heads

I read an interesting post by Michael Hyatt recently. He states that there are three types of limiting beliefs that many people have. These beliefs prevent them from achieving their full potential.

Why is it important to understand limiting beliefs?

Print sales people who understand limiting beliefs are able to challenge them. This means that they are able to control mental barriers to successful sales. They are more likely to create successful partnerships with clients. They are more likely to achieve great sales results.

People who sell printing services and ignore limiting beliefs are more likely to struggle to achieve the same results. They will have allow negative thoughts to prevent them from achieving profitable sales relationships.

Let’s look at the three types of limiting belief and how they can apply in the print industry.

Limiting beliefs about oneself

Some people do not believe in their own abilities. A typical limiting belief for a sales person might be: “I will only win this job if I lower my price”. Another might be: “I haven’t got the skill to get past this particular gatekeeper”.

If someone is ruled by a limiting belief such as this, they are more likely to give up early on in the process. They won’t spend the time thinking about creative ways to achieve the result that they need.

Sometimes, however, limiting beliefs are not about oneself. They are about other people.

Limiting beliefs about other people

It is just as easy to give up early because you have fixed ideas about another person. Here is an example of a limiting belief about a prospect. You may have decided that someone only buys on price. Again, this may stop you from trying to work with them to see if there is a more creative solution.

This type of limiting belief doesn’t have to be just about prospects. You also feel that your manager will be open to a new strategy you want t try. So you don’t even approach them about it.

Now let’s look at the third type of limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs about our environment

Sometimes it’s not our thoughts about ourselves or other people that hold us back. It’s a more general limiting belief that stops us from achieving. For instance, sales people may tell themselves that certain types of company don’t need print anymore. Or that everybody buys on price. Alternatively, they may feel that their company isn’t good enough to service a certain type of client.

However, some people are of the opinion that we should take notice of our limiting beliefs.

What happens if our limiting beliefs are true?

No-one is saying that a challenge suddenly goes away because you confront a limiting belief about it. However, limiting beliefs do stop people from trying to find creative solutions to issues. Sometimes these creative solutions will not work. But at other times you will find that challenging your limiting belief can gain you a new client that you never dreamed of winning.

What’s the way forward?

Here are three action points to help you challenge your limiting beliefs:

Don’t let your head reduce your sales results

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