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Why printing companies need Red Bull if they want to increase sales

Red Bull is a well-known brand.  It’s achieved phenomenal success over the last few years.  What is interesting is that this success has been achieved almost entirely through social media.

Printing companies should look closely Red Bull’s success


Social media was key to Red Bull’s success. It should be key to the success of printing companies too

Most printers rely on traditional sales and marketing methods.  Printers who use social media currently have an opportunity to achieve great success in the sales arena.

Printing companies that use social media will create relationships with prospects before the phone is even picked up. They have an opportunity to build and control a very effective sales pipeline. Social media will help them achieve their business targets.

Printing companies that do not use social media may find it harder to achieve sales targets. They will be pulling less people into their sales pipeline. They went to be creating those early relationships.

Here are three reasons right should run regular social media engagement with your contact lists.

You stay in the minds of your prospects

I am often tempted to try out new printing companies that approach me. The trouble is, I don’t always have the right jobs for them when they call me. When the right job comes along, someone else maybe in the top of my mind.

With cold calling, it can be difficult to make sure that you are constantly in your prospects’ minds. With social media engagement it is far easier to send out quick messages to people to make sure that they don’t forget you.

If you use the right content, you will also have another advantage.

You show that you understand your prospects

With the right content, you will be writing about your prospects’ pain points. You will be sending content that they want to read.

If you have engaged with your prospects in this way, you will be well ahead of the competition. You will show that you are exactly the sort of supplier that they want to work with. This is because you understand their market sector. For many people, it is better to work with the supplier like this, rather than a general commodity supplier.

Naturally, you have to persuade people to work with you. But regular social media engagement can achieve this as well.

You are regularly telling your prospects to take action

In my last article I covered the importance of a call to action. Prospects and clients often have to be told what to do. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is to use social media.

People who are reminded regularly to do something are far more likely to do it. Typically, it takes seven calls to action for someone to take action.

However, some printing companies will not be convinced that this is the best way to get prospects to take action.

Isn’t calling a more effective way to engage with prospects?

Some prospects will prefer to be contacted by social media rather than by the phone. However, others do prefer talking.

The effectiveness of a phone call will be far greater if the prospect already knows something about you. Consider your social media engagement as a way of increasing call effectiveness. In many cases it will convert a cold call into a warm call.

Sometimes it will get the prospect to call you.

Here’s how this worked for me recently

One of my blogs deals with effective purchasing. A printing company had subscribed to this blog. My blog demonstrated my abilities to them. As a result, they called me asking for a proposal to help them with some purchasing consultancy

I also regularly receive approaches regarding print work.

Here are three action points to help you create effective social media

  1. Create a list
  2. Make sure you encourage people to sign up
  3. Set up a timetable for regular contact

Social media can be a very effective route to your success. It can make sure that your prospects are as aware of you as they are aware of Red Bull.
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