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Nine simple ways to increase your print sales

The TPD Principle drives print sales

In my last blog we discovered the power of a TPD sales message – a sales message based on target audience, pain and difference. You also learned the three simple steps you should take if you want to create an effective TPD sales message.

A message like this sets you apart from the competition. They are still talking about print. They are still focusing on themselves. That means they will usually end up in a commodity discussion and the buyer will make decisions based purely on price.

Printing companies that use a TPD sales message stand out from the competition

They are focused on the customer. They end up having a very different conversation. Typically it isn’t about print. But print is solution to the problems the prospect raises in the conversation. This type of conversation is usually much more profitable because it is not commodity focussed.

So, now I have shown you the three steps to creating your own TPD sales message. Now you can create your TPD sales message and you will be all set to see the sales rolling in. Right?


Does your sales message pass this test?

There is one big error that many printing companies make

Often printing companies spend a lot of time and effort in creating a great sales message. But then they forget to use it!

Maybe there is a sales person who uses the message sometimes. But all the old traditional sales collateral remains the same. The website is not updated. The sales letter remains the same.

Here is a quick checklist of nine places where you should be using a new sales message

  • In your sales emails
  • In your direct mail (you do use direct mail, don’t you?!)
  • In your telephone conversations
  • In your meetings with clients and prospects
  • On your website
  • In your company brochure
  • As your company tag line
  • In your social media
  • At exhibitions and events

Why do so few printing companies sell themselves properly through all these channels

Remember, buyers are multi channel. They will be checking about your company in many places. It’s vital to have a consistent, effective message that reinforces everything you have said to a prospect already.

Can you honestly say that all nine of these ways of getting your message across are up to the mark?

Please do one thing for me today

Carry out a sense check of your sales message in all nine of these areas. Please tell me how you scored. I wonder how many of you will be able to say that you scored full marks?!

Do you need help with a TPD sales message?

Check out my book How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price which takes you through creating a TPD sales message in detail.
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