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Personal coaching calls with Matthew


Sometimes it’s useful to get another view on things

If you are looking for some outside input into a challenge you have, a coaching call with Matthew could be what you are looking for. In 60-minutes Matthew offer personalised advice to help you and your business achieve better results.

Matthew brings a wealth of print industry experience to the call. But his real skill is in creating the right solution for an individual. Often the best resolution can be quite different after questions have been asked!

Here are some of the ways clients are using their coaching calls

  • Inspiration on how to win new business
  • Creating sales action plans
  • Feedback on their sales message
  • Advice on how to approach a particular client or sector
  • A review of a website or a specific piece of content
  • Help with social media strategies
  • Making an accountability plan or being kept accountable

How do coaching calls work?

After you have booked your coaching call, you will be contacted to set a date and time for your call. Matthew works with all time zones. You will also be asked to e-mail Matthew in advance with some details of what you would like to cover. Matthew is also happy to review a small amount of content, a social media profile or a website as well.

During the call Matthew will work with you to create the best solution for what you need: it is often not what it first appears to be! You will learn how to move forward. You will also be set some action points and these will be e-mailed to you after the call. Calls last one hour.

An audio recording of the call can also be provided if you wish.

Matthew has been a HUGE help in my first year in sales!

One of the main tasks I have been given in my sales position is to engage with enterprise-level clients in a specific vertical market that is not the easiest to break into. I am fairly new to print sales so this seemed to be an almost impossible task. I needed some help! Having been a member of Matthew’s Successful Print Sales Circle for some time and finding the program very valuable; I knew where to turn: Matthew Parker of course!

Not only does Matthew understand print sales, his background in marketing and as a buyer of print himself gives him a unique “real world” perspective that is not easy to find among the many sales trainers out in the world.

He was able to work with me on a one-on-one basis to craft a sales plan specific to the vertical market I am tasked to sell to that included specific goals, deadlines, and other metrics. A big part of that was Matthew making me comfortable enough to open up to him about how successful (or not) I have been in hitting my targets. The plan we came up with has re-energized my efforts and I have already begun to gain some traction in my specific vertical market!

Matthew Parker has been a fantastic partner and a vital part of my first year in print sales. I look forward to working with him as a part of the Successful Sales Circle as well as a personal sales consultant. I would highly recommend anyone needing some print sales or marketing help to reach out to him immediately! It’s the first step to a more successful career in print!

Mike Lesser, e-Commerce/Online Print Portal Account Executive, Swift Print Communications,

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