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“What do I say? I’ve no idea how to handle a conversation like this!”

How do you come across confidently when selling print?

Saying the right thing to a prospect can seem difficult

I was mentoring my client Peter. I asked him to call a prospect to find out if they were interested in carrying on a sales conversation that he had had with them a little while ago. His response was: “What do I say? I’ve no idea how to handle a conversation like this!”

I was able to coach Peter through how he could handle the call by giving him a simple sales script. He managed the conversation confidently and managed to make contact with the prospect properly. A little while later they became a client.

But, as I spoke to more and more printing companies, I realised that Peter was far from alone. Many printers are just not confident in speaking to clients and prospects to make more sales. It’s not their fault: no-one has ever told them what to say. It is often easier to avoid making a call or sending an e-mail or letter. And that loses business.

“I’d love to send a sales letter to prospects but I just don’t know what to say”

I was chatting to Bob in the US at an event and he told me how hard it was for him to send out sales letters. “I just wish someone would release a letter that I could adapt to my needs and send out.”

Imagine if you had a set of simple templates for all your sales calls, e-mails and letters. And imagine if there was someone to guide you through how to use these templates. Let’s throw in some instructions to make sure you could adapt them so that they suited your company products and services perfectly. As well as some general advice on how to communicate more effectively with prospects and customers.

Life would be easier. You would feel more confident with your sales activity. You will almost certainly end up carrying out more sales activity and winning more business.

Introducing “Done For You Sales Scripts”

I have created the answer for people like Bob and Peter who face these sorts of challenges. Most people are quite happy selling when they know what to say. So my new book teaches you just that.

When you purchase “Done For You Sales Scripts”, you receive twenty scripts of what to say to prospects and clients. They cover all sorts of situations for phone conversations, e-mails, sales letters and social media.

There’s a simple secret to successful sales call and letters

Many people think that creating the right wording is horribly complicated. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The best sales calls and letters are based on simple formulas that can be adapted time and time again to different situations.

Once you master these formulas creating sales emails and letters and making sales calls becomes so much easier. You will no longer be wondering if you are saying the right thing. Instead, you have confidence that you are presenting your services and products in the best possible way.

I share my most effective formulas in “Done For You Sales Scripts”.


“This book gives me the confidence to reach out to clients and prospects more”

“I found “Done For You Sales Scripts” full of useful tips, ideas and advice. It makes something that I find very difficult (sales calls) much easier to grasp and gives good reasons to make those calls to reach out to clients and prospects.

I like the structure of the subjects, clearly laid out, easy to read and follow. There are many pieces of advice that I really like. You would be surprised how much of this does not get done by our sales team. Even “care calls” after a job has been delivered, just asking if everything is okay with the order. And using that opportunity to ask for referrals as well, that’s clever.

I also love the teaser idea and the use of bulky direct mail, I am a big fan of this. I have never seen a teaser mail piece done by a print company. It’s a very good idea.

The audio files were great, they definitely help to understand the book better, hearing someone go through the conversation makes things easier than just reading the text.

I would definitely use this book as it would give me the confidence to reach out to clients and prospects more. I would recommend it to anyone, whether you are a natural, confident sales person or not. There are a good range of subjects that are covered and I cannot think of anything to add to them, they are all there.

And when the dust settles after the virus, life goes back to semi-normal and the recovery starts, people will need to be ready, this book will be invaluable to any business.”

David Lownds, Marketing at Impressions Design & Print Ltd

Author Matthew Parker, Champion of Print

Here’s the twist: it’s written by a buyer

I receive a lot of sales approaches that just don’t appeal to me as a buyer. They focus on the wrong issues. They are badly worded. And they fail to achieve results. Many of the people who send them know this. But they don’t know what else to say.

I’m Matthew Parker. I have been a print buyer for many years. Over my buying career, I have been sold to buy over 1400 different printing companies. So I’ve read a lot of sales letters and listened to a lot of sales calls! I know what works and what doesn’t.

When I wrote “Done For You Sales Scripts”, I focused on what makes me listen to sales people. I thought about all the messages that got me interested as a buyer. Just as importantly, I made sure I left out all the tactics and “tricks” that made me quickly end a conversation with a sales person.

I have mentored and trained many printing companies in thescripts that I’m going to share with you. I have seen the results that they have achieved from using the strategies that I teach. I know you can benefit too. By the way, I also present at events for the likes of Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Dscoop, Antalis and FESPA. And I’m regularly featured in publications such as Printing Impressions, Canvas, Printweek and Print Monthly, to name just a few.


“Done For You Sales Scripts” shows you exactly what to say to prospects and clients – here is what’s included

Done For You Sales Scripts

The book contains over twenty scripts

General introduction scripts
  • What to say when you have to introduce yourself and your company quickly and unexpectedly
  • How to create the maximum chance of gaining a successful referral (or referrals) from a contact
Scripts for specific products, services and offers
  • How to make sure a prospect is intrigued before your sales letter arrives
  • Trying to sell a complicated service? Here’s how to do it simply
  • How to engage a prospect when selling a specific product
  • A special offer letter (and six ideas for special offers that don’t reduce your prices)
Scripts for ongoing sales
  • The best way to chase up a sales letter or e-mail by phone
  • What to do when the prospect has delayed
  • How to manage a conversation when it’s clearly the wrong time to speak
  • How to get permission to call again
  • What to say when you are getting back in contact after a long time
  • How to encourage the prospect to take things forward
  • How to maximise the chances of a reply when you have been getting no response from a contact
  • The right way to make contact with a client that has stopped using you
 Scripts for social media
  • Four different invitations that maximise your chances of someone accepting your connection request on social media
  • The best way to continue a dialogue when someone accepts my social media connection request
  • How to encourage a social media connection to have a call or meeting with you

That’s a total of 20 Done For You Sales Scripts

Can a sales template work for your specific situation?

Absolutely! The whole point about these scripts is that they are designed to be adaptable for any printing company. They fit any service or product that you sell. And they cover a whole range of situations that you might come up against.

Do you need this product if you are a confident communicator?

I would still recommend that you invest in “Done For You Sales Scripts”. That’s because, no matter how confident you are, you have to be saying the right things. “Done For You Sales Scripts” is a valuable check to make sure that you are concentrating on the right issues, whatever your situation.


“Done For You Sales Scripts gave me another perspective on how to approach my future prospects ”

“The contents of “Done For You Sales Scripts” are clear, logical and effective. Matthew has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into the different types of scenarios most sales people would encounter on a daily basis.

The book covers a lot of scenarios that I encounter frequently when contacting prospects, and the content is delivered in concise sections that are easy to absorb and put into practice.

“Done For You Sales Scripts” gave me another perspective on how to approach my future prospects and how to try other ideas but wasn’t sure how to execute.”

Jeremy Irving, Client Account Director at Cubiquity Limited

This book comes with our rock-solid “it’s not for me” guarantee

We think you’re going to be really happy with your purchase.  But it’s just possible that you may read the book and feel that you haven’t learned enough to justify the price.  Or that you’re worried about putting it into practice and risking your current relationships.

If that’s the case you’ll be able to get your money back.  This e-book is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  If you are not happy with this product simply let us know and we will happily refund your money.  You don’t need to make up an excuse, and you don’t have to return anything.There’s only one condition: please tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with the product, so we have a chance to make it better. So, in the unlikely event that you really don’t feel that this e-book is for you, you’ll get your money back with a smile.  And, by the way, this guarantee lasts 30 days.


 When you purchase “Done For You Sales Scripts” today, here’s what you receive

  • 64pp e-book with a total of twenty sales scripts
  • Written by an industry expert
  • All systems tested and proven by printing companies
  • Clear examples of how to put the scripts into action
  • Rock solid “it’s not for me” 30-day money-back guarantee

The premium version also includes the following bonuses

1)      MP3 Audio version – recording worth £34/$44

It’s one thing reading the words for a script but how do you actually translate these into a conversation? This bonus includes an MP3 audio track for all of the scripts that you might use on the phone or in a conversation. On each track you hear me taking you through each script in more detail and how I turn the script into a dialogue.

2)      Book of bonus sales strategies  – worth £19/$24

Give yourself a sales edge with these nine powerful sales strategies. Here’s what you learn when you read this book:

  • Ten different ways to contact prospects and when to use them
  • When is the best time to contact a prospect? The definitive answer!
  • How to manage a simple sales diary that works
  • How to ensure someone takes the next step with the right call to action
  • Why giving people too much choice results in fewer sales
  • What to do when prospects say no
  • How to use the power of mirroring to ensure people read your e-mails
  • Three steps to make sure you direct mail is more effective
  • Nine tips for getting past the gatekeeper

The platinum version includes personal help from me – worth £250/$320

If you are learning a new process and want the very best results, it is useful to have expert guidance and personal tuition. I’ll personally review any sales letter or offering that you create and give you my detailed feedback by e-mail. We’ll also have a 30-minute 1-2-1 call to take you through my feedback and answer any questions you might have. If I were charging this at my normal consultancy rates the bill would be £250.

Purchase “Done For You Sales Scripts”

Purchase right now and receive a bonus introductory script that is perfect for networking. This offer expires on 25th March.

"Done For You Sales Scripts" PDF book Regular Premium Platinum
"Done For You Sales Scripts" 64pp PDF book with 20 sales scripts - worth £42/$59
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MP3 Audio version – recording worth £42/$59
40pp PDF book of bonus sales strategies – worth £19/$24
Platinum Bonuses
Personal review of your sales letter, feedback by e-mail and 1-2-1 30 minute skype call (worth £250/$320)
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If you don’t create good sales messages your business could be at risk

If you don’t do some sales or marketing activity, you won’t win any new customers. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to keep all your current customers. Some will stop using print, some will choose another supplier and some will simply go out of business. If you stay being reactive to your customers’ needs, your business will almost certainly start declining at some point.