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A simple system for making more revenue from existing customers


Winning new customers is hard

Grow revenue and profits easily

It takes between seven and twelve touches to win a new customer. And that figure is rising. It takes time and effort to win new customers. And it can be hard to find the time to do this when you are busy trying to manage day to day production.

What if you could easily increase your average job value and profit?

Imagine if you had a straightforward system that gave you a good chance of raising the value of many jobs. And, better still, made them more profitable. One that could be carried out easily by all your staff with virtually no training?

Here’s a system you can put into place quickly and simply.

Introducing: Essential Print Sales Strategies: Easy Upsells

Essential Print Sales Strategies is a new series of simple sales exercises from Profitable Print Relationships.

  • They are quick and easy to carry out
  • They are suitable for all levels of sales skill
  • They get results

In Easy Upsells I share my proven process for creating upsells. It is a tactic you can apply to every job you quote. It works well for existing and new customers.


Here’s what you can expect when you put Easy Upsells into action

  • Persuade customers to spend more

    A revenue increase of around 15% for every successful upsell

  • A significant profit increase on each of these jobs
  • A system that anyone on your team can use with virtually no training

I can’t give guarantees, but most people who use this process create an impressive upturn in business.

Here’s the best bit: you can delegate this task easily

You can literally hand over the instructions you receive when you purchase this exercise and leave someone else to get on with it:

  • You receive straightforward instructions on how to create an upsell and how to make it attractive to your customer
  • You are shown exactly how to manage upsells so you and your team can sell them without any effort or any extra pricing
  • The simple step-by-step instructions are suitable for people without sales experience
  • There’s even an activity and results sheet for your team to show you


When you purchase Essential Print Sales Strategies: Easy Upsells, here’s what you get

  • A six-page, eight-step worksheet
  • An upsell matrix and an accountability table for you and you staff to fill in
  • An 8-minute audio guide
  • A three-page transcription of the audio

If you are thinking that this doesn’t sound much, you are absolutely right! That’s the beauty of the Essential Print Sales Strategies series: you are up and running in minutes. It is all laid out for you, step by step. If you are delegating, you can literally hand this over to a team member and leave them to get on with it.

Here’s a rock-solid “it’s not for me” guarantee

Essential Print Sales Strategies is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  If you are not happy with this product, simply let us know and we will happily refund your money with a smile.  And, by the way, this guarantee lasts 30 days.




The premium version also shows you anyone can enter the newsletter and magazine market

Many people think that the publishing market is dying. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are lot and lots of opportunities that many printers haven’t thought of. It doesn’t matter the size of your company is. There are newsletter and magazine opportunities for everyone. Previously only available to members of The Successful Print Sales Circle, this two-part podcast shows how you can benefit from this sector. It comes complete with a written transcript.

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Make sure you maximise the revenue and profit opportunities from every job

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