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How to create better relationships with prospects, customers and colleagues 

Sell effectively – Create good relationships – Bring people on board

Imagine getting more people to enjoy working with you, take your advice and agree with you

Do you work really easily with some customers yet struggle with others?

Many of us

  • Get on really well with some people but struggle to create good relationships with others, for no obvious reason
  • Find that some colleagues just don’t understand the simplest of instructions, even when you believe you explained things perfectly clearly (and others understood you)
  • Enjoy talking to some individuals more than others

The trouble is that people react in different ways. What is exciting for one person can be hugely scary to another. What interests someone completely bores another.

Worse still, most people tend to stay in their comfort zones. They prefer to work with what is familiar to them. And they are likely to ignore or reject things that they are not immediately comfortable with.

Imagine being able to bring more people round to your point of view and to agree with what you are saying. And imagine dramatically lessening the number of times people don’t understand simple instructions.

Introducing Effective Communication: the webinar

By the end of this 90-minute webinar recording you will have a system for understanding how people think. You’ll be able to:

  • Create communication with purpose
  • Understand how people take on information in different ways and how to work with different learning styles
  • Realise four types of mindset and know how to work with each one

If you want to improve communication with everyone in your life, this webinar recording is for you.


I’m Matthew Parker 

Matthew Parker Champion of Print
Matthew Parker Champion of Print

I used to struggle hugely with my communication. I just didn’t get why many colleagues just didn’t think like I did. And why some seemed to be actively resistant to the good ideas I was suggesting.

Then I started studying the psychology of communication. I learned simple systems that helped me understand different mindsets. And I learned useful strategies so it was far easier to get through to all sorts of people. I realised all the mistakes I’d been making. Now it’s a lot easier for me to:

  • Bring people on board when discussing plans or change
  • Create good relationships (even with those with whom I have nothing in common)
  • Sell effectively

What I learned works in all sorts of situations, including face-to-face meetings, phone calls, e-mails and social media. Now I’m sharing these systems and tactics with you in this 90-minute webinar recording.


What makes this training different?

I have never seen anyone else in the printing industry cover mindset mirroring. But it is one of the key skills for better communication.

Who is this webinar for?

Anyone who needs to deal with people.  That includes managers, customer service staff and sales people. The training works for any level of role.


Here’s what you learn on this webinar recording

  • The three questions you must ask yourself before an important conversation
  • Three ways people take on board information and how to provide for them all, no matter what type of communication channel you are using
  • Words communicate surprisingly little – so what else conveys a message far more clearly?
  • Mindset mirroring: understand how other people think 
  • How to communicate with others in a way that relates to them


Here’s the full details

  • This is a recording of a live webinar that I ran recently
  • It lasts approximately 90-minutes
  • You receive instant access to a full recording of the webinar

Purchase the premium version and I’ll teach you upselling as well

Use your new-found communication skills to upsell customers. You learn a system that raises job value and profit margins. You can put this into practice in minutes and it is easy to delegate to the rest of the team.

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You have a choice

You can carry on wondering why it is so hard to get through to some people. Or you can enrol on Effective Communication: the webinar. It could be the most valuable 90 minutes you spend this year!