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What do you do when buyers tell you they have a lower price?
(Learn how to make prospects want to choose YOU, even if you charge more)

Are you always being undercut on price?

Imagine winning work without having to make the conversation all about price

Many people believe that giving clients the lowest price is the only way to win business. Other printers seem to be desperately cutting prices just to keep their machines running.

If you’re going to compete on price the only way to do that is to cut your own margins. But what happens when price is getting so low that it’s not covering your overheads?  Worst case scenario, if you carry on reducing prices, and potentially having negative margins, your company is not going to be sustainable.

Wouldn’t you like to find it easier to sell print and make good profits?

Imagine having clients who will go out of their way to work with you. Imagine having clients who are even prepared to pay extra so that they can work with you and your company.

Think of the relief of not having to constantly worry about what you need to do to win that next job. Wouldn’t you like to break the cycle and stop ending up in price battles again and again?

That’s why I’m going to tell you about a system that can help you create a message that helps you achieve those results.


Introducing How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price in 2021: the webinar

If you want a simple system that helps you plan the right sales message for 2021, this webinar is for you! In just 120 minutes you learn exactly how to create your own personal sales message, no matter what products or services you are selling. There’s also plenty of time for any questions you may have, as well as loads of useful extra sales tips.

The webinar takes place on Thursday 14th January at 4pm UK time. The webinar will be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make this time.

I’m Matthew Parker

  • I’ve been buying print for more than 20 years
  • I have received sales pitches from over 1,400 different printing companies
  • I know exactly how print buyers react to different ways of doing things
  • I know exactly what sales approaches work for a buyer and which don’t

I don’t have a background in sales. That’s what’s allowed me to stop focusing on the traditional sales methods that don’t work. Instead, I concentrate on how the buyer’s mind works instead.

Many of the 1,400 sales pitches I received from printing companies actually encouraged me to buy on price. But every now and then I received an approach from a printing company that not only encouraged me to work with them, but actually persuaded me to pay more to use them.

When I started up Profitable Print Relationships, I took time out to work out exactly what it was that made me want to work with certain printing companies. I looked closely at why I was happy to spend more money in order to use them.

Recently I paid 12.5% more than the lowest price quoted on a print job. And I was happy to do so

  • I know exactly what the printer did to make me want and need to choose them
  • I know exactly how their sales pitch made me happy to ignore lower prices

Now I’m sharing the results of my studies with you. I’m also sharing the key reasons why buyers so often choose on price. Most importantly, I’ve created a simple, three-stage process to stop buyers treating you as a commodity supplier. You learn exactly how to put this system into practice quickly. It’s the same process that print companies have paid high consultancy fees to me, to teach them.


“I am getting more quotes so something must have worked”

The cost of Matthew’s webinar may seem off-putting.  However, my sales message I feel has vastly improved.

The part that I found particularly interesting and informative was how to make your sales message have a difference and the benefits of this. My key learning was that potential clients do not want to hear about our machinery or man power – they want to know what we have to offer them.

I would recommend his webinar as I think it can help sales agents that use a different method not just marketing.  It is very informative.”

Laura Wilkinson, Sales Executive, Whitesprint

Here’s a big myth about sales skills

If you want to shake hands on a print deal you need a sales message which focuses on the buyer’s world

There are a lot of sales “gurus” out there who teach you that you need traditional sales skills. They say it’s all about creating features and benefits, objection handling, USPs and getting quotes through the door. That’s all well and good, but these tactics aren’t engaging buyers any more. It was these tactics that encouraged me to buy on price.

So that’s why I’ve developed the TPD Principle that I teach you on the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Webinar. I’m proud of the fact that this system is practical and easy to put into use, so that you can make sure that you really benefit from this system. I’m proud that it’s not about cold calling and objection handling. Few of us like managing sales in this way. Unlike other sales systems, I focus on how the buyer’s mind works. It’s the key to winning the right clients at the right margins.


How long does it actually take to implement this system?

Everyone in the printing industry is being asked to do more and more at the moment. The last thing you need is a new strategy that takes days or weeks to get going. But the three-step system in “How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price” is quick to implement. All you need is an hour with one of your current customers and a little bit of brainstorming time. You can literally be up and running with this the day after you attend the webinar.

Not everyone feels that they can change their ways

There are a lot of traditional print sales people out there. But I’m not giving you any complicated processes or strategies. I’ve taught this at live workshops all over the world and I’ve never seen someone not create a successful sales message using this system.

Remember the cost of keeping things the way they are

Look at all those companies with rapidly reducing turnover and margins. They’ve been forced to discount their prices because they don’t have an effective sales message. I’m giving you an alternative for less than the typical cost of fuel to a client meeting.

“Best £43.50 I ever spent”

I purchased the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price webinar.  I thought it was excellent.

I have begun to put together a sales and marketing plan based on your model.  The message is starting to be heard.

Of all the points, this one might be the most critical.  With regard to finding the pain points of the target customer, the pain may not deal with printing.  I really had never thought of it that way.  I don’t know this for a fact, but I think that is a huge shift from where the industry used to be.  Ironically, I went to meet a small publisher and she made that exact point to me.  Her biggest pain point is data management.  She was happy with her printers, but I got a clear indication they were just printers.  They had done nothing to solve her pain or become “sticky”.

I did not pitch anything at the meeting, just asked and listened.  But I know exactly what solution I am going to offer her before I ever discuss printing their titles.

Thanks for the great information.  Best £43.50 I ever spent.

Mark Pitzele – Thomson Reuters


Who is the webinar for?

Basically, it is for anyone who is involved in selling print: managing directors, sales managers, sales people and junior account handlers. I have taught this strategy successfully to established sales people and complete beginners.

What happens if you can’t make the live event?

Everyone who enrols receives a recording of the webinar. So if you can’t make this time it doesn’t matter. You can even e-mail me questions in advance and I’ll make sure I answer them on the webinar.

So here’s what you learn

Why buyers choose on price – I share the behaviour that actually encourages prospects to be price-focussed

Choosing the right prospects – you shouldn’t try and sell to everyone. So who is the right client for you?

Getting prospects to buy – it’s one thing finding them the perfect prospect. But if they hear another message about quality print and high service, they will ignore you. So how do you get them to listen?

Getting prospects to buy from YOU – persuading someone to make a purchase is one thing, persuading them to make it from you is quite another! How do you create a difference that is valuable to the buyer?


“I was using this information at a client’s facility the very next day after reading it!”

It’s easy to put off the purchase of webinars, but the title of this one particularly jumped out at me.

I heard many things that inherently all good sales people should know, but can easily be swayed away from. I myself was also a buyer of print in the past. Price is one thing, but almost always not the foremost consideration.  Matthew’s message gives specific tips and instructions on how to differentiate your sales approach.  Very good for anyone in the graphic arts industry.  I know I will go back over the recording more than once.

I loved the section about discovering the customers’ pain points. I was using this information at a client’s facility the very next day after reading it!

I would highly recommend this to all print industry sales people. Matthew Parker speaks from experience as a print buyer and gives a unique perspective to the trap sales people can fall into regarding an over-focus on price. If you want to get out of commodity type, price driven print sales, this is the road map for getting there!

Great job Matthew!

Martin Pugh – Director of Development, Sales & Marketing , Houchen Bindery Ltd.


Here’s what you receive when you enrol on this webinar

  • 120-minute live webinar via Zoom on Thursday 14th January at 4pm UK time
  • A recording of the webinar
  • All questions answered live

When you purchase the premium version of this webinar you also receive the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Action Plan – value £30/$41

I’ve shared all the resources that I use when I create sales messages for my clients. Here’s what you receive:

  • My target market profile sheet.
  • The script I use when interviewing clients.
  • The three-stage process to creating a meaningful company difference
  • My elevator pitch construction process
  • Three more example TPD sales messages
  • A 21 page instruction pdf

I’m sharing some powerful and effective resources with you. This action plan shows you exactly what to do with each of the tools. I take you through the process that I use in detail. At the same time, I’ve made sure that you get just the right amount of information: you won’t suffer from overwhelm.

Enrol on the How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price webinar

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How long have you been trying to battle against cheaper prices?

The unrealistic and unsustainable pricing that your competitors are charging isn’t going to go away. There is always a cheaper price. There always will be.

If you want to stop the relentless focus on prices you have to adopt new sales strategies. Most people struggle to create effective new sales strategies without some guidance. So if you are serious about trying to win profitable customers it’s time to take action.

You have a choice: you can enrol on the “How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Webinar” (Remember, it costs less than £30/$40). Or you can find that you are still facing exactly the same problems in a few months’ time.