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Are you missing out on a simple print sales strategy that gets results?

This is a strategy you can easily delegate


Do you want more revenue, quickly?

  • Traditional sales takes time: it requires at least seven to 12 touches before you get the sale
  • New sales people are expensive and come with no guarantee of results
  • The cost of online selling is rocketing. And, even with a big budget, it’s hard to beat established businesses

Here’s a strategy many printing companies don’t use (and they should)

The answer is simple: contact your lapsed customers. It’s one of first the exercises that I set people that I mentor if they need to get more business quickly. I ask them to make a list of customers whom they haven’t done business with in a little while and contact them again.

However, this must be done in the right way. And that’s what I’m sharing with you now.

Introducing Essential Print Sales Strategies: Lapsed Customers

Essential Print Sales Strategies is a new series of simple sales exercises from Profitable Print Relationships.

  • They are quick and easy to carry out
  • They are suitable for all levels of sales skill
  • They get results

In the first one I share my proven process for contacting lapsed customers and winning business from them.


The lapsed customer strategy gets results

Celebrate success from winning back lapsed customers

Here is what happened for some print sales people who have used this strategy:

  • One contacted 24 lapsed clients, using the script I provide. Within a week they won a big job and had four other clients back in their pipeline
  • One member made 31 contacts in a single day, following the steps in the worksheet. This resulted in four clients, four hot prospects and nearly $15k of potential new work
  • One member won an £11,000 order simply by contacting an existing client using the script provided

Another even added £122,000 into their sales pipeline. I can’t give guarantees, but most people who use this process win more business very quickly.

Here’s the best bit: you can delegate this task easily

You can literally hand over the instructions you receive when you purchase this exercise and leave someone else to get on with it:

  • They receive simple step-by-step instructions
  • This task is suitable for people without sales experience
  • There’s even an activity and results sheet for them to show you


When you purchase Essential Print Sales Strategies: Lapsed Customers, here’s what you get

  • A four-page, four-step worksheet
  • An eight-minute audio guide
  • A three-page transcription of the audio

If you are thinking that this doesn’t sound much, you are absolutely right! That’s the beauty of the Essential Print Sales Strategies series: you are up and running in minutes. It is all laid out for you, step by step. If you are delegating, you can literally hand this over to a team member and leave them to get on with it.

Here’s a rock-solid “it’s not for me” guarantee

Essential Print Sales Strategies is covered by the “it’s not for me” guarantee.  If you are not happy with this product, simply let us know and we will happily refund your money with a smile.  And, by the way, this guarantee lasts 30 days.




The premium version also shows you how to profit from the e-commerce market

The e-commerce market is huge! No matter what type of printing company you are, you can win business from e-commerce companies. Previously only available to members of The Successful Print Sales Circle, this two-part podcast shows how you can benefit from this sector. It comes complete with a written transcript.

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How much longer can you let a revenue stream like this stay untapped?

Make sure you start profiting from your lapsed customers today. Purchase your copy now