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Do you struggle to achieve results on LinkedIn? You are not alone!

Imagine achieving great results on LinkedIn

I get lots of people questioning its use.

I used to be like that too.

And then something changed. I started having worthwhile conversations. People started approaching me to see if we could work together. Now LI is my main channel for new business.

That’s because I started analysing what I was doing wrong (a lot!), what I was doing right and where I needed to improve.

Eventually I created my four-stage process for creating 1-2-1 relationships on LinkedIn. Now I’m revealing all the secrets I use to create my business success on LinkedIn.

Introducing LinkedIn Mastery: the webinar

If you want a good overview on how to use LinkedIn successfully without taking up too much time, this webinar is for you! It is designed as a time-efficient way for you to learn a proven success path to creating successful 1-2-1 relationships and sales opportunities through LinkedIn, whether you are looking for sales prospects or useful people to network with.

In this two-hour webinar recording you understand exactly HOW to use LinkedIn to achieve the results you want. I also cover all questions asked by attendees, as well as talking aboutuseful extra social media resources.


I’m Matthew Parker 

Matthew Parker Champion of Print
Matthew Parker Champion of Print

LinkedIn is my primary new business channel. I no longer cold call or e-mail. I have used LinkedIn to win countless valuable clients over the years. And I simply wouldn’t have met many of these clients if it wasn’t for LinkedIn.

I’m also a seasoned Linked trainer and presenter. I have presented on social media at the events of businesses such as Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta and FESPA, to name but a few. I have also delivered social media training on behalf of organisations such as BPIF, IPIA and Antalis. And you can read my social media articles on my own blog and in many leading industry magazines.

I’m also one of the top connected LinkedIn users according to the Mindfire printing industry movers and shakers list.

I am really impressed by your social media strategy

I am in the process of changing my profile to be more appealing to my customers. Without your information, I would have never understood the power of LinkedIn and social media in general.

Jari Kunnas, Partner, Docus Oy

My experience with social media was that it had been a total waste of time

I started using social media thinking it would help my business. After a year of no results, I threw in the towel. I already had a packed schedule. Why did I want to add more useless work to my day by fooling around with social media? That’s as far as it’s ever gotten.

Until I worked with Matthew on LinkedIn

Immediately, I saw that Matthew’s approach was focused on the bottom line (generating more sales leads). He showed me exactly how to avoid getting distracted by all the noise of social media. Also, it was very obvious that he walks his walk with social media. 

If you want to finally start taking profitable action in the area of LinkedIn, I highly recommend Matthew.

Todd Smith, Todd Smith LLC, California


What makes this training different?

There is plenty of training on which button to press on LinkedIn. This session is all about strategy. I’ve never seen training like this on how to build relationships on LinkedIn and use them to create tangible results for your business.

Who is the webinar recording for?

Basically, it is for anyone who wants to learn a simple LinkedIn strategy to create more prospects or personal connections. I’m connected with the printing industry, but this is relevant for any sector of business.

If you are already a LinkedIn superstar with a proven strategy that is winning you the results you want or if you want to keep cold calling prospects who don’t want to hear from you or if you think that LinkedIn is a dating site, then this training is probably not for you!


Here’s what the webinar recording covers

  • Your reason for using LinkedIn (it’s more complex and important than you think)

  • Part 1 – creating a great profile
    • Your headline determines whether people want to look at your profile. So let’s make it work!
    • How to create effective visuals
    • Creating a summary that makes people want to connect with you
    • Getting people to take the next step: the importance of a CTA

  • Part 2 – creating the right network
    • What size should your network be?
    • How to create incredibly focused searches using the free version of LinkedIn
    • Connecting in the right way: most people never carry out these two essential connection actions
    • The one fatal connection error that I see loads of people making

  • Part 3 – engaging: the life blood of LinkedIn
    • Simple ways to stay engaged with your network with less than ten minutes work
    • Nine ways to create content quickly
    • The difference between content engagement and content marketing
    • A simple strategy that maximises the views on your LinkedIn posts

  • Part 4 – creating 1-2-1 relationships in real life
    • Why move connections off LinkedIn
    • What’s the difference between a connection and a relationship?
    • Which connections are right to turn into a relationship?
    • A simple outreach strategy that gets results


I found that using LinkedIn effectively is much easier and less time consuming than I had believed it would be

This training is delivered by someone who is knowledgeable about the subject. It is put across in a simple and easy to understand fashion. Matthew can demonstrate his own success as a result of using the techniques and practices he teaches and promotes.

The best feature of the training is the hands on approach: you put the teaching into practice straight away

The strategies covered are applicable to both personal and business needs.

I would recommend this training.

Annette James, Membership Executive, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Did I really have the desire or time to be actively involved in LinkedIn?

I now have a plan for what I can achieve through the use LinkedIn. Crucially I also now have some practical knowledge and skills to help me achieve this.

I also found it valuable learning how to set up profile information with appropriate content. And I have some great general social media for business guidelines.

I would recommend this training.

Kyle Jardine, Northern Ireland Manager, British Printing Industries Federation


Here’s what you receive when you purchase the recording of this webinar

  • Recording of two hour live webinar

Premium attendees also receive the following bonuses – value £37/$48

  • A copy of the slides – value £10/$13
  • “How to create successful social media connections”: a 20pp pdf guide, including a copy of all the connection scripts I use on LinkedIn – value £12/$15
  • 17-step action plan to creating your profile – pdf guide and checklist value £15/$20

Creating Successful LinkedIn Relationships: the webinar Regular Premium
120-minute webinar recording
A recording of the webinar
Premium bonuses
A copy of the slides - worth £10/$13
How to create successful social media connections - worth £12/$15
17-step action plan to creating your profile - worth £15/$20
£29 exc. VAT £37 exc. VAT
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You have a choice

You can carry on wondering how to win new business and missing out on all the opportunities that LinkedIn brings. Or you can enrol on Creating Successful LinkedIn Relationships: the webinar. It could be the most valuable two hours you spend this year!