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Realistic sales planning: training support packages

It is time to take your sales planning one stage further!

Congratulations! You have completed Realistic Sales Planning For 2021: the webinar. You are all set to create a realistic and actionable plan which will help you achieve results.

Now it is time to take things further.

Sales planning is all about taking action. I have created three options that help you put your training into action and receive personal feedback from me. Scroll down to find out more!


“These ideas are now a central part of the planning cycle of my sales team”

Tim Klappe, Managing Director Asia Pacific for MPS Systems Asia Sdn.Bhd.

“The ideal sales aid for both budding and established print sales representatives”

Mark Ashmore, Director of Business Development, Paragon Customer Communications


Personal action plan review

When you have worked through the webinar and created your action plan, send me the outline. I will review it thoroughly. And I will send you a personal critique by e-mail of what you have sent me. I’ll tell you exactly what worked for me. And I’ll show you where you could improve further. Together we make sure you have a sales plan that will work! I normally charge £145/$195 for this type of review. As a webinar attendee, you receive this for just £39/$53

“How To Succeed At Print Sales” book and action plan review

My book “How To Succeed At Print Sales” covers 12-week sales project planning in detail. But you also learn The Principles of Sales Planning and Business Measurement. In addition, there’s an in-depth section on Carrying Out The Right Day-To-Day Sales Activities. You learn how to make sure that you carry out your 12-week sales project successfully AND cope with everything else in your job as well. Here’s what to expect:

  • How to plan for client and production problems so they don’t derail your week – yes, it is possible!
  • Envelope planning: the system that keeps your day on track
  • The easiest way to make sure you never fail to make a sales call: you’ll never forget to contact a prospect or client again
  • A simple way to know what work is likely to come in over the coming weeks

In addition, you receive a personal action plan review from Matthew. The total value of this support and training is £210/$280. As a webinar attendee, you receive this for just £75/$99

Gold accountability plan

Receive a personal action plan review from Matthew and a premium copy of “How To Succeed At Print Sales”. In addition, receive weekly e-mail accountability for the 12 weeks of your action plan. Matthew makes sure you stay on track and overcome any barriers during your sales plan. The total value of this support and training is £810/$1,090. As a webinar attendee, you receive this for just £175/$245

Please use the contact form if you have any questions

Personal action plan review Review Book Accountability
E-mail critique of 12-week sales project - value £145/$195
“How To Succeed At Print Sales” premium edition book
“How To Succeed At Print Sales” PDF bookHow to succeed at print sales 112pp pdf book - value £75/$99
Excel copies of all spreadsheets used in book - value £17/$23
"How to succeed at print sales" audio book - value £62/$83
Gold accountability plan
Weekly e-mail accountability for the 12 weeks of your action plan - value £810/$1,090
Recordings of calls
Continuous review and feedback by Matthew
£39 exc. VAT £75 exc. VAT £175 exc. VAT
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Why you must act now

These training support packages are available for one week only. I’m taking down the sales pages after Friday 6thNovember. So make sure you invest today.