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What are you doing create more sales in 2021?

Imagine winning the business you need in 2021 – it can be done!

We can’t just stay in our comfort zones!

The world has changed irrevocably. It is hard to keep up with the rate of change. And the temptation is to stay within our comfort zones and keep doing what we have always done. 

When I speak to people at the moment, I’m finding that many are pursuing one of three strategies. But each of these is dangerous. Here’s where people are going wrong:

  • Don’t assume the phones are going to start ringing again as normal
  • Don’t believe that you shouldn’t sell because we are in the middle of a pandemic
  • And don’t rely on a sales campaign or message that worked before Coronavirus

More than ever, we need a new type of sales plan for next year

We need to think about what we are going to sell. We need to think about the right sales message and what activity we are going to carry out. And, naturally, it is important to think about the numbers too.

I already have a sales plan for the first three months 2021. I’m selling different products and in a different way to how I would have a year ago. I see many of my changes as permanent. So I have set my targets. I know exactly what I have to do to stay on track. And I plan to stay accountable. 

My entire system is based on the 12-week sales planning system. This isn’t just about sales figures. It is about setting the right activities. It’s about carrying them out. And it’s about making sure that what you are doing is on track to create the right results. Now I’m teaching this system to you.

Introducing Realistic Sales Planning for 2021: the webinar

If you want a simple system that helps you plan the right sales activities and targets for 2021, this webinar is for you! It is designed as a time-efficient way for you to learn a proven success path to creating sales plans that work.

In just 90 minutes you understand exactly how to create your own personal sales plan, no matter what products or services you are selling. It is illustrated with two plans that are based on selling to people online. There’s also plenty of time for any questions you may have, as well as loads of useful extra sales activity tips.

The webinar takes place on Thursday 10th December at 3.30pm UK time. The webinar will be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make this time.

I’m Matthew Parker 

Matthew Parker Champion of Print
Matthew Parker Champion of Print

I’ve been using my experience as a print buyer to help printing companies like yours increase their sales for over ten years. I understand the issues that most printing companies face. And I know how buyers think.

That’s why I’ve presented at events for the likes of Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Dscoop, Antalis and FESPA. I work with industry organisations such as the BPIF and the IPIA. I’m regularly featured in publications such as Printing Impressions, Printweek and Print Monthly, to name just a few.


“These ideas are now a central part of the planning cycle of my sales team”

Tim Klappe, Managing Director Asia Pacific for MPS Systems Asia Sdn.Bhd.


What makes this training different?

It’s the speed at which you learn. There’s no need to read a long book or attend several days’ training. You receive all the information you need in just 90-minutes. And, because this training is live, you can ask me absolutely anything.

Who is the webinar for?

Basically, it is for anyone who wants to learn a simple sales planning strategy to win more business. I’m connected with the printing industry, but this is relevant for any sector of trade: both B2B and B2C. I have taught this strategy successfully to established sales people and complete beginners. 

What happens if you can’t make the live event?

Everyone who enrols receives a recording of the webinar. So if you can’t make this time it doesn’t matter. You can even e-mail me questions in advance and I’ll make sure I answer them on the webinar.


Here’s what you learn

  • How to set a worthwhile and achievable sales target that isn’t just based on a meaningless number
  • What are the right sales targets to set during Coronavirus times?
  • How to set a sales project that you can achieve in 12-weeks 
  • How to complete this project in less than four hours a week
  • The seven essential elements to any sales project
  • Five ideas for sales projects that work when half your clients are in lockdown
  • Why you must set lead targets – and the dangers of setting lag targets
  • Two example 12-week sales projects, which work without the need for face-to-face meetings
  • How to stay on track and accountable during your sales activity


“The ideal sales aid for both budding and established print sales representatives”

Mark Ashmore, Director of Business Development, Paragon Customer Communications


Here’s what you receive when you enrol on this webinar

  • 120-minute live webinar via Zoom on Thursday 10th December at 3.30pm UK time
  • A recording of the webinar
  • All questions answered live

Premium attendees also receive the following bonuses

  • A copy of the slides – worth £10/$13
  • Sample 12-week sales plan – worth £12/$15
  • 16-page pdf on how to set 12-week sales projects worth £15/$20

Realistic Sales Planning for 2021: the webinar Regular Premium
120-minute live webinar via Zoom
A recording of the webinar
All questions answered live
Premium bonuses
A copy of the slides - worth £10/$13
Sample 12-week sales plan - worth £12/$15
16-page pdf on how to set 12-week sales projects worth £15/$20
$37 exc. VAT $49 exc. VAT
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You have a choice

You can hope that things might work out OK in 2021 and that the phones start ringing again. Or you can create a sales plan that means you will take meaningful action to start rebuilding your revenues. If you want to go for the latter, make sure you enrol on Realistic Sales Planning: the webinar. It could be the most valuable two hours you spend this year!