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13 ways to research your clients and prospects (do you use them all?)

Here’s a little challenge for you

Prospect research is vital. Everybody knows that knowledge is the key to successful sales.

However, I am always surprised at how little many print sales people are able to tell me about their clients. They are often unable to answer basic questions when I run sales workshops.

How much client research do you do?

Finding out information is pretty simple these days


Make sure you find out all you can about your prospects before contacting them

We have more routes to information than ever before. But sometimes it’s easy to stick in our comfort zones. We often prefer to stick with what we know.

This blog is all about finding some new inspiration and some new tools when it comes to researching your prospects.

Here’s a simple checklist

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • GooglePlus
  • Internet search engines
  • Google alerts
  • Colleagues
  • Industry connections
  • Competitors
  • Industry associations
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences

How many of these methods do you use when researching prospects?

It’s time to take action!

I’d like you to commit to using a new way of researching prospects. While you’re at it, go to the comments section below and tell me which new research method you are going to use.

The more research methods you use, the more likely you are to win that new client.
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Download your free copy of 10 Common Print Selling Errors And What To Do About Them (worth £19/$29) right now

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