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Here’s the secret to making sure that you achieve sales results

If you want to succeed in sales, make yourself accountable

Sales accountability is key if you are going to get things done. Here’s why it works:

You focus on activity

Being accountable is not about saying how much you sold last week. It’s about setting activity targets and making sure that you carry them out

You overcome challenges

A good accountability partner will help you recognise any challenges you came across. They will also help work out how to overcome them.

You make sure your activity achieves the desired results

Accountability is also about making sure that your activity is successful. It might not result in sales straight away, but it should result in the prospect taking the next step.

How do you make yourself accountable?

Often people have no-one to be accountable to, especially if they are a manager or owner. But there are ways around this. One way is to become a Gold member of The Successful Print Sales Circle: live accountability is included. We’ll make sure you stay on track with all your sales activity from the Circle.

You also learn simple sales strategies that achieve results. If you are struggling to win more business, The Successful Print Sales Circle helps you fill the sales gap with a series of sales tasks and goals. Each one only takes a few hours. The programme includes detailed video instruction and worksheets.

Members of The Successful Print Sales Circle achieve results

“Just sent an £18k quote to an old customer of mine I called out of the blue.  Looking very positive AND it’ll be a repeat job perhaps 3 more times in the next 12 months.

In addition, a lapsed client who should be spending £50k+ per year agreed to “meet” with me tomorrow on zoom, to discuss how we can work with them again.”

“I am on two really nice jobs from inactive customers. I sent an email and called, kind of timing as both need mailings.”

Another contacted 24 lapsed clients, using the script they received from The Successful Print Sales Circle. The first week they won a job and had four other clients back in their pipeline. In the second week, they had very positive conversations with two other lapsed clients.

And, finally, one member made 31 contacts in a single day. This resulted in four clients, four hot prospects and nearly $15k of potential new work.

If you want to join this programme, act now: there are just 35 places available

The doors close when 35 members have enrolled or at the end of Friday 2nd October, whichever comes first. And I won’t be accepting any more memberships until next year. At that point the price will rise by over 25%.

Here’s the link to find out more and sign up

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