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7 ways to grab your prospect’s attention in under 30 seconds

Have you heard the story of the salesman who was afraid of selling?

In order to become better at it he decided that he had to introduce himself and his company to anyone within a short distance of him. This included people in a lift. Naturally, he had to get his message over to people quickly, before they left the lift.

That’s how the “elevator pitch” was created.

Why are elevator pitches important?

A good elevator pitch is the key to a succesful sales call

A good elevator pitch is the key to a succesful sales call

Sales people who have good elevator pitches are more likely to create good relationships with prospects. They have the best chance of engaging the prospect’s interest quickly. This means the sales person is more likely to control the sales conversation and achieve their targets.

Sales people who don’t use an elevator pitch, or have a poor one, will struggle to achieve the same results. They won’t engage their prospects quickly. They will have to work harder to create a good relationship.

Elevator pitches aren’t just for sales conversations.

Here are seven places you should use an elevator pitch


Networking events are a classic place where it’s important to get your message over quickly. Many people will be introducing themselves to the same prospects that you talk to. So it’s vital that your introduction stands out.

Sales meetings

A good elevator pitch can be a powerful way to start a meeting. It reminds your prospect why they have agreed to meet with you. It also makes a good introduction to a company presentation.

Sales e-mails and letters

In theory you have more time to get your sales message over in a letter or e-mail. However, you still have to grab peoples’ attention quickly. Using your elevator pitch is a good way to do this.


Need a catchy home page or about us page? Use your elevator pitch!


An elevator pitch makes a good introduction to a brochure. It is also a good theme to base the rest of the brochure content around.

Social media profiles

It’s no longer enough to state your job title on social media. You have to explain to people what you are about quickly. Your LinkedIn summary is a great place to use your elevator pitch. If you want a real challenge, try condensing into 140 characters on your Twitter bio!

E-mail footers

E-mail footers can be a very useful way to remind people what you and your company are about.

So there are plenty of opportunities to use an elevator pitch. However, some people have issues with them.

Can you say enough in an elevator pitch?

Remember, our elevator pitch is not your entire sales pitch. It is simply a way to raise the interest of prospects. It’s the start to a conversation.

Here’s how to get started on your elevator pitch

Once you have your elevator pitch, it’s time to start practicing it. What better way than to try it out on people in a lift?!
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