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How artisan print can increase your sale price by over 100%

Here’s how one person charges 100% more than the competition for his services

I have a friend who is an artisan chocolatier. He sells great chocolate. I love it! But he has a problem. These days supermarket sell great chocolate too. They buy in bulk. They are able to sell at low profit margins.

Despite these issues, my friend successfully sells his chocolate at double the price that the supermarkets do. I have been careful to make a like-for-like comparison here. I’m comparing his chocolate with the supermarket premium brands, not the cheap options.

So how can he do this? The answer is simple.

People pay more because it is artisan


Chocolate is the solution to succesful print sales – find out why in this article

Using the words “artisan chocolatier” immediately increases the price expectations of the customer. Because it is hand made they are happy to pay more.

The key to higher prices in the print industry is to create a similar expectation in the customer of paying more.

So how do we create artisan print?

Many people feel that the print industry is different. We focus on high run, commodity products. Or do we?

There is plenty of demand for print that is different and out of the ordinary. If we focus on this market, price is not the key driver.

Here’s one example

Let’s look at the luxury goods market. Every day, people are launching new businesses based on premium priced products. Many of these products need to be packaged in a way that re-enforces their premium brand quality to potential customers. In fact, my chocolatier friend is just one business that falls into this category.

Price is not the driving factor here. Instead, it’s about the choosing the right materials and processes that help the brand. These sorts of businesses are spending more on premium papers, on using letterpress or on innovative finishing techniques.

There is a real opportunity here

Imagine going out to these sorts of businesses and telling them that you specialize in this sort of packaging. Imagine presenting some case studies that showed that your packaging solutions increased sales. Imagine being seen as the “go-to” company for these sorts of solutions.

There is a real need for this type of print solution. The artisan chocolatier gave up trying to find the right printing supplier because he couldn’t find someone suitable. In frustration, he simply outsourced to a designer.

So should everyone sell artisan print?

Naturally, there is only a certain level of demand for this type of print. Not all printing companies re set up to produce the right solutions at low runs.

However, this article is aimed at more than discussing artisan print. It is also designed to show how a tightly focused sales message on a niche market can create higher printing profits.

Here’s your route to better print profits

  1. Decide what specific market you can serve
  2. Create the right value-added solutions for them
  3. Build a customer expectation for higher prices for this sort of solution

You may well end up by being able to sell your print solutions for significantly more than the competition.

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