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How will you win more print business?

(The secret to winning new print business in a changing world: accountability and two-hour sales tasks)

Trying to build new sales is hard

Right now, most companies are working with less staff than they used to. There’s an awful lot of multi-tasking to do. Naturally, priority is given to jobs that are in production. There are customers to chase, artwork to design, pdfs to check and proofs to send as well as the actual production to oversee. It is hard at the moment. It’s no wonder that there seems to be so little time for sales.

If you don’t make sales how will you rebuild your business?

More than ever, having enough business is essential. If you don’t make time for sales your business may be under threat. But is it really possible to sell successfully at the moment?

Imagine if your print business had a clear set of tasks and strategies to get you back on track

What would it be like if you had a success plan for winning new business that took just a few hours a week? How about having someone who made sure you were carrying out your success plan? And having an industry expert to turn to for help if you weren’t sure what to do?

In just a few months, your business could be very different. You could have a good pipeline of prospects. Simple strategies that ensured you won more business time and time again. Seeing idle presses might turn into a rare occurrence.

Introducing The Successful Print Sales Circle

Traditionally, I have worked on a 1-2-1 basis with my clients, helping them win profitable new business. But not everyone has the budget for personal coaching.

The Successful Print Sales Circle is a new monthly sales action plan that I have created. It is based on activity and achievement rather than just receiving and consuming information. Right now, based on all the conversations that I have had, many printing companies need help. But they need this help to be:

  • Practical advice
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Combined with live feedback on what they are doing
  • Based on knowledge of the printing industry
  • Based on knowledge of today’s buyers
  • Be a low cost/low commitment plan

I’m Matthew Parker. I have been a buyer for many years

Matthew Parker Champion of Print

Matthew Parker Champion of Print

Over my career, I have listened over 1,400 different printing companies as they tried to become a supplier to me. I’ve read a lot of sales letters, listened to a lot of sales calls and had a lot of different sales tactics tried on me! I know what works and what doesn’t.

I have mentored and trained hundreds of printing companies in the tactics that I’m going to share with you. I have seen the results that they have achieved from using the strategies that I teach. I know you can benefit too.

Traditionally, I have worked on a 1-2-1 basis with a wide variety of printing companies, helping them win profitable new clients. But not everyone has the budget for mentoring. The Successful Print Sales Circle allows printing companies to learn and receive live feedback with me every month at a significantly lower price point.

By the way, I have also presented at many events for the likes of Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Dscoop, Antalis and FESPA. And I’m regularly featured in publications such as Printing Impressions, Canvas, Printweek and Print Monthly, to name just a few.


Here’s the twist: you become accountable

Become a Gold member of The Successful Print Sales Circle and live accountability is included. If you want to succeed in sales, you have to make yourself accountable. Accountability is essential if you are going to win more business. Here’s why it works:

  • You focus on activity
  • You overcome challenges
  • You make sure your activity achieves the desired results

Most sales programmes tell you what do. They assume you’ll do the work. But life isn’t like that! That’s why you receive regular reminders to check in and tell us what you’ve achieved. It also means you receive help if you are coming across any challenges.


Some printing companies are making mistakes that are stopping them from winning work

They are:

  • Assuming business will come back soon
  • Not making time for sales
  • They don’t have a sales plan

The Successful Print Sales Circle helps overcome all these issues.


Who is The Successful Print Sales Circle for?

Win more business: invest in The Successful Print Sales Circle

The Circle is ideal for you if you want to sell more print. You might be the owner of a print shop or print management company. Or you may have some sort of a role in print sales. Some people will subscribe so they can find the right tasks to delegate to their teams.

But The Successful Print Sales Circle is not for everyone

  • It’s not for those that want a magic wand that conjures up instant business with no effort
  • It’s not for those who aren’t prepared to invest a small amount of money every month into this action plan
  • It’s not for those who can’t be bothered to spend four hours or so each week putting new techniques and planning into practice
  • It’s not for those who are scared to try new techniques
  • And it’s not for those don’t want to win more business

It’s only for you if you want to new business and new clients. And if you are prepared to invest time and effort in order to achieve this. If this isn’t you, please do not subscribe and prevent someone who will gain from this programme from getting access to one of the very limited places.

But if you are serious about winning more business then I recommend that you enrol today, before places run out.

“Exercise 1 brought 1 Job, 4 opportunities into the pipeline”

“As the owner of a Claremon, a medium sized Print company, and from a Sales background (we employ around 20 people) it’s easy not to get the selling done (as opposed to order taking) when there are so many distractions in particular during the covid-19 crisis so I subscribed to Matthews The Successful Print Sales Circle program as a means of giving me a regular “check-in” to keep me on track with my once routine but long since forgotten sales time.

Matthew understands the print business and the challenges printers of all sizes face. He has provided me with hints, tip, inspiration and direction to take the actions that will win us the types of clients we want.

Exercise 1 brought 1 Job, 4 opportunities into the pipeline and we are still moving prospects along the funnel.
Exercise 2 is underway and we have positive signs already.

I highly recommend Matthew to professional printers who want some accountability for their sales activities or for those who want to develop sales skills without the cold sweats brought about by cold calling”

John Conroy, Managing Director, Claremon


What do I gain from subscribing to “The Successful Print Sales Circle”?

Here are some results that current members have achieved:

  • One contacted 24 lapsed clients, using the script they received from The Successful Print Sales Circle. The first week they won a job and had four other clients back in their pipeline. In the second week, they had very positive conversations with two other lapsed clients.
  • One member made 31 contacts in a single day. This resulted in four clients, four hot prospects and nearly $15k of potential new work.
  • One member even gained £122k of prospective business in their first week of membership.

Here’s how some members have said it helped them:

“With just a few calls I am seeing results.”

“This week went nuts”

“The guidance was really clear and it’s a great task thank you.”
“Love this task and looking at lost revenue is a great motivational tool!”

I can’t give any guarantees, but the majority of members of The Successful Print Sales Circle are finding that their the programme is helping them win more business.

“It is benefitting me and my business in winning more orders and keep that pipeline going”

What the print sales circle has taught me is to challenge myself and try the techniques that will benefit me and my business in winning more orders and keep that pipeline going. Matthew is his knowledge of the print industry is second to none and he knows what makes customers buy more.

Terry Cella, Owner TIC Media


Remember, this is all based on following my proven six-stage success path

  1. Create easy sales wins
  2. Create more profitable clients
  3. Set the right systems for ongoing successful sales
  4. Communicate and market regularly and successfully
  5. Create new products and launches
  6. Create regular new business rituals

Each of these stages can be mastered by using my simple two-hour strategies. The Successful Print Sales Circle guides you through strategies for each of these stages, every month.

Many companies don’t have anywhere near the resource to dedicate someone to full-time sales. But you can be winning new business by just dedicating a few hours work a week to this programme.

Successful print sales person

The Successful Print Sales Circle is your route to print sales success!

Here are some of the things we cover

  • How to win a new client with on average just ten calls or e-mails
  • One major source of business that most printing companies never consider
  • A simple system to win more business from your current customers at higher profit margins
  • How to time a call or e-mail to maximise your chances of a customer buying
  • The question that stops customers from leaving you
  • An easy method to ensure you never forget to make an important sales contact
  • Sell products and services that customers didn’t even know you offered
  • How to set up a successful e-mail contact list for free

“It’s helped get me more orders”

It’s great for mindset and I think that’s helped get me some recent orders. I feel pushed out of my comfort zone but it’s not too uncomfortable. I like the idea of a success path. There’s so many things I know I should be doing but it can get overwhelming. The sales circle for me addresses this – which is perfect!

Gail Carman, Business Manager, Macpro Design & Print Ltd


Here’s a special offer!

I know people need help at this time. So I have decided to offer membership at less than 75% of the price I was planning to. I have really tried to make this as affordable as possible for you.

I would love to give this away at a lower price. But I have had to invest in the software to run this course, as well as creating the videos, podcasts and workbooks. Also, like many of you, I have also lost a huge amount of work due to this pandemic, so I need to bring in some money too!

The monthly fee for The Successful Print Sales Circle remains fixed for the duration of your membership. It will never be raised.

“Just sent an £18k quote to an old customer of mine”

It’s looking very positive AND it’ll be a repeat job perhaps 3 more times in the next 12 months.

In addition, a lapsed client from my employer who should be spending £50k+ per year agreed to “meet” with me tomorrow on zoom, to discuss how we can work with them again.

Looking forward to stage 1b next week 🙂

In an industry where management has been economised out of company structures, having Matthew to bounce ideas off and keep me accountable and on track (rather than being distracted by client whims), has been very helpful and fruitful.

Liam Norman, Print, Sign and Display Specialist, Image Technique Limited

This programme comes with our cast-iron “it’s not for me” guarantee

I think you’re going to be really happy being a member of the circle.  But it’s just possible that you may subscribe and feel that this isn’t for you. If that’s the case, you can simply cancel your subscription. There’s no ongoing monthly commitment and no notice period.  If you purchase an annual subscription, in the unlikely event that you decide it’s not for you within 30 days of purchase, I’ll give you your money back with a smile.


Here’s what you receive when you subscribe to The Successful Print Sales Circle

The Successful Print Sales Circle is a monthly programme that teaches you to implement simple and realistic strategies to win more work for your print business.

  • Two videos every month with a practical, actionable sales task that will only take a couple of hours. You won’t need special skills to use them. I take you through all the details to help you carry them out and even give you sales script templates
  • A pdf workbook for every video so you can plan out exactly what you need to carry out
  • “Print product inspiration”: a monthly podcast where I talk you through products and services for different sectors and how to make them work. Want ideas on how to break into retail, restaurants, estate agency and other profitable sectors? I have you covered!
  • “Ask Matthew”: a monthly group call where you can ask me anything (and I mean anything!) Do you have a client problem or a business challenge? Or just a question about how to implement what you have learned over the month? I’ll give you the answer. If you can’t make the call, it’s not a problem: you can send me in your question and the call will be recorded

If you want even more help, including personal access to me, then the gold membership is for you

The Successful Print Sales Circle gold membership

Want accountability and personal help from me? Go gold!

The gold membership version also includes:

1)      Direct personal access to Matthew –  worth £125/hour

With a gold membership you receive a special e-mail address that allows you to personally ask me any question. I’ll come back to you via e-mail within 48-hours. Your question won’t be shared with anyone else in the group: we’ll work through your challenge together.

2)      Personal accountability – worth £150/month

After every video you receive a set of targets to make sure you carry out the strategy that you have just learned. We follow up with you personally to make sure you carried out the right actions and to see the results that you achieved. If you encountered any barriers, we will help you overcome them. This ensures that you really do put The Successful Print Sales Circle into action and benefit from it.

This intake of The Successful Print Sales Circle is limited to just 35 people

Membership of the circle is deliberately limited so that we can give every member the personal attention that they deserve. Also, it’s the first I’ve run this so I want to make sure I have everything right and I don’t want to be overwhelmed!

Registration closes on Friday 2nd October or when we have 35 members, whichever comes first

I won’t be accepting any more memberships until next year. And at that point the price will rise substantially.

The Successful Print Sales Circle is an ongoing monthly action plan. Your monthly fee remains fixed for the duration of your membership.

Enrol in The Successful Print Sales Circle now!

My current consultancy rate is £1,045/$1,300 per day. In other words, you gain access to me, my strategies and my personal help at a fraction of my normal rates.

The Successful Print Sales Circle standard membershipRegularGold
Two monthly videos and transcripts with clearly explained sales assignments - worth £60/$75
Full pdf worksheets to support the video - worth £20/$25
Print product inspiration monthly podcast - worth £10/$12.50
Monthly 60-minute live group call - worth £45/$55
The Successful Print Sales Circle gold membership
Everything in the standard plan - worth £135/$170
Direct personal e-mail access to Matthew - worth £125/$155/hour
Live monthly accountability – worth £150/$190/month
Pay safely and securely by credit card or by PayPal
£37.00/month – Enrol now £45.00/month – Enrol now

Or purchase a 12-month membership for the price of nine months

Click here to purchase an annual membership

How are you going to get your business back on track after Coronavirus?

Right now you are almost certainly facing a sales gap. Many of your past customers may go out of business. If you don’t take the right action to win more work now, you may not be in business either…


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